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The two po­lit­i­cal lead­ers yes­ter­day sought to im­press they were af­ter Don­ald Trump’s man­tle hop­ing thus to em­u­late him and win the elec­tion.

Prime Min­is­ter Joseph Mus­cat claimed that PN was the party of the es­tab­lish­ment and the sta­tus quo.

PN leader Si­mon Busut­til claimed on his part that the Prime Min­is­ter was head­ing a cor­rupt es­tab­lish­ment.

Both lead­ers had to shift their com­ments around the Re­mem­brance Day cel­e­bra­tions, with the Prime Min­is­ter giv­ing a phone in­ter­view and the Leader of the Op­po­si­tion mak­ing it to the stu­dios af­ter the cer­e­monies were over.

Dr Mus­cat boasted his is a gov­ern­ment of change while the Op­po­si­tion, re­act­ing to any­thing the gov­ern­ment does, re­flects the old way of do­ing things, the sta­tus quo.

If there is any les­son to be derived from other coun­tries it is that peo­ple ex­pect that their lead­ers not to get chained in by a sys­tem that swal­lows them but be the ones to change things from time to time. We are de­ter­mined, Dr Mus­cat added, not to be­come part of any es­tab­lish­ment that leaves things as they are. On the con­trary, Labour wants to be part of a sys­tem that wants change.

The eas­i­est way to avoid hav­ing protests, to avoid be­ing crit­i­cized, is not to do any­thing, to wait and hope that peo­ple will be happy to re­main as they are. Labour is not happy to wait and wait. It wants change. Change may not al­ways be un­der­stood, so Labour must ex­plain more and show it is near to the busi­ness­man, the small self-em­ployed, the pen­sion­ers, the work­ers, the young peo­ple, the stu­dents and mi­nori­ties such as LGBT per­sons.

It is im­por­tant, Dr Mus­cat con­tin­ued, that peo­ple feel the change this gov­ern­ment is bring­ing to the coun­try and un­der­stand that change will never be re­moved from this party’s sys­tem. Labour will al­ways be against the sys­tems of old and it will al­ways chal­lenge the sta­tus quo and will al­ways get in­vest­ment from coun­tries from where in­vest­ment never came.

Many times the Op­po­si­tion crit­i­cizes the gov­ern­ment for do­ing things in a dif­fer­ent way from the usual way. This proves the present gov­ern­ment is a gov­ern­ment of change, a gov­ern­ment that does not de­part from its roots but at the same time opens up to new sec­tors of so­ci­ety.

On the other hand, the Labour leader con­tin­ued, the Op­po­si­tion is mired in con­tra­dic­tions, since in re­al­ity it rep­re­sents the es­tab­lish­ment and the sta­tus quo. For in­stance, for all the crit­i­cism that is made re­gard­ing the health sec­tor, this gov­ern­ment has solved the out-of-stock prob­lem, is cut­ting down on the wait­ing lists, es­pe­cially in the emer­gency depart­ment, where it has roped in the pri­vate sec­tor.

On the other hand, asked about what lessons can be drawn from Don­ald Trump’s vic­tory, Op­po­si­tion Leader Si­mon Busut­til said that peo­ple are fed up with the “cor­rupt” es­tab­lish­ment, and will make their voices heard in the next elec­tion.

Dr Busut­til said that he was “sur­prised” by Pres­i­dent-elect Don­ald Trump’s vic­tory, more so be­cause online polls showed Mrs Hi­lary Clin­ton to be in the lead.

“It is a vote against the es­tab­lish­ment, against con­cen­trated pow­ers that favour the few and leave many work­ing class be­hind.”

Dr Busut­til crit­i­cised the gov­ern­ment for ty­ing it­self to buy­ing elec­tric­ity from the new and “un­nec­es­sary” power sta­tion off of the tax-pay­ers’ in­come.

He spoke of how Dr Mus­cat is “the es­tab­lish­ment” il­lus­trat­ing his point with the Paceville mas­ter plan.

“Peo­ple have looked at the mas­ter plan and found that in place of their home, there is some pi­azza or some street. Can you imag­ine how they felt? This is what the es­tab­lish­ment is do­ing, rolling over the reg­u­lar ci­ti­zen to help a few from the in­ner cir­cle,” he said.

“Peo­ple are afraid, there were three car bombs this year, they read about foot­ball play­ers be­ing freed from ar­rest to play a game with the in­ten­tion of be­ing re­ar­rested af­ter, they see what goes on with the high num­ber of Po­lice Com­mis­sion­ers, peo­ple are afraid,” he said.

Prime Min­is­ter Mus­cat said that the gov­ern­ment is seek­ing boost in­vest­ment from rarely tapped sources, such as the United States of Amer­ica.

Back­ing up this state­ment, he re­ferred to the €100m in­vest­ment by the US-based Crane cur­rency printer.

He an­nounced that more in­vest­ment de­ci­sions from the US are to be ex­pected in the com­ing months. Dr Mus­cat was re­cently on a visit to the USA, with much spec­u­la­tion sur­round­ing his trip.

In or­der for Malta to con­tinue the fast paced eco­nomic growth that it is cur­rently ex­pe­ri­enc­ing, en­joy­ing the rank­ing of fastest grow­ing econ­omy in the EU, in­vest­ment de­ci­sions such as Crane cur­rency and those be­ing an­nounced in the com­ing months are key to keep­ing up the mo­men­tum.

This, would al­low the gov­ern­ment to con­tinue dis­tribut­ing wealth to all, he said.

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