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SCORPIO 23 OCT – 21 NOV An urge to be independent could find you ig­nor­ing your feel­ings and much of what has motivated you up to now–tak­ing you off in a dif­fer­ent di­rec­tion. New ways to or­ga­nize and dis­ci­pline your­self are al­ways pos­si­ble. Ob­serv­ing a crowd of rel­a­tives, you may gain in­sight into who you are as well as some in­sight into a few goals for your fu­ture well­be­ing. This is a good time to re­flect and un­der­stand your own sit­u­a­tion and be­gin any changes you may want to make. The emo­tions and feel­ings of those around you are clear this evening. You may re­sist change or have trou­ble when you try to cre­ate a new habit, but once you are on a path, you are in­vin­ci­ble. You may de­cide to join an aunt or un­cle and stop smok­ing.

SAGITTARIUS 22 NOV – 21 DEC You have a full day ahead and more plans for the evening. Real in­sight into your own in­ner think­ing may also sur­face. You may be in the mood for deep and pen­e­trat­ing con­ver­sa­tions. You choose in­ter­est­ing peo­ple as friends and they en­joy your friend­ship whether they live next door or work along­side of you. Friends, in­clud­ing co-work­ers, may visit your home when you least ex­pect it. Ev­ery­one has some­thing to say, bring, take or re­lay to you and you en­joy the at­ten­tion. With three or four projects go­ing at once, you mag­i­cally per­form as the per­fect host. You may find your­self in­volved in prepa­ra­tions for a birth­day, an­niver­sary or just en­ter­tain­ing vis­i­tors. There are fu­ture plans for some com­mu­nity ser­vice–vol­un­teers are avail­able.

CAPRICORN 22 DEC – 19 janan un­ex­pected Be­ing in touch with ideas and peo­ple keeps your mind busy to­day. This could mean travel or it could mean that you are in the peo­ple-serv­ing busi­ness. If you are work­ing to­day, you will find your­self ac­tu­ally glad that some­one is at home tend­ing to some un­fin­ished fam­ily busi­ness. You could be most per­sua­sive with oth­ers and elo­quent in speech and com­mu­ni­ca­tion. The sit­u­a­tion is a nat­u­ral for self-ex­pres­sion. If you are at home to­day, you may find your­self run­ning many er­rands. Your get-to­gether with fam­ily mem­bers may be a won­der­ful re­union early this evening. Whether you go out and away from your home or en­joy fam­ily and friends in your home–this day is richly re­ward­ing for all the peo­ple that come un­der your pleas­ant smile.

AQUARIUS 20 JAN – 18 FEB If you are not busy co­or­di­nat­ing the events of this day, you could find your­self help­ing oth­ers. You make your way through your thoughts and can ex­press them well. An im­por­tant re­la­tion­ship, per­haps with a young per­son or some­one in your near en­vi­ron­ment, may come into fo­cus to­day. There could be an op­por­tu­nity to treat this per­son to a movie or some other ac­tiv­ity he or she would en­joy. Teach­ing the art of shop­ping would not be un­usual–don’t get too car­ried away, how­ever. All of this may re­quire un­der­stand­ing and flex­i­bil­ity on your part. You may en­joy the op­por­tu­nity to travel at this par­tic­u­lar time. More than likely, your ex­penses will be few for now–you are in the mood to save, save, save. Fam­ily mem­bers com­pli­ment you.

PISCES 19 FEB – 20 MAR This is not a good time to be un­con­ven­tional– fam­ily or loved ones ex­pect sta­bil­ity and de­pend­abil­ity. Oth­ers re­spect hear­ing or shar­ing your ideas but they may not want to feel ob­li­gated to do your bid­ding–care­ful. Re­spon­si­bil­i­ties are easy for you and you tend to pile on tasks, one after an­other–easy does it! You work very hard, with a gritty re­solve and can work whirl­winds around al­most ev­ery­one. It takes a lot to over­load your will­ing­ness to take charge, but you must also re­al­ize there are just so many hours in a day. After all the work is completed, you will find some won­der­ful time to en­joy your loved ones–you will hear many funny sto­ries this evening. An­other branch of the fam­ily takes on the cleanup re­spon­si­bil­ity– rest.

ARIES 21 MAR – 19 APR You may soon find your­self vol­un­teer­ing to serve in a char­ity of some sort and, if you are work­ing, you may suc­cess­fully talk a cou­ple of other able bod­ies into join­ing you. This vol­un­teer ser­vice could be a com­mu­nity run ser­vice that brings food, read­ing ma­te­rial, clothes or some other need to the home­less, pris­on­ers, hos­pi­tal pa­tients or nurs­ing home peo­ple. You are happy when you know you have helped ease some­one’s dis­com­fort. You en­joy shar­ing that feel­ing with oth­ers. You love peo­ple, peo­ple watch­ing and in­ter­ac­tions with a va­ri­ety of in­di­vid­u­als. You may have sched­uled sev­eral things into your itin­er­ary to­day that will have you won­der­ing when you thought you had the time. It would be wise to leave a lit­tle time for your­self tomorrow

TAURUS 20 APR – 20 MAY This is an ex­cit­ing time–you are un­usu­ally motivated. You may be trav­el­ing to visit friends or fam­i­lies that live a long dis­tance away from you. An older rel­a­tive may need your help around the house, in the yard or just with some self-as­sur­ance. You are re­spected and oth­ers ap­pre­ci­ate your ef­forts to lend a help­ing hand. Fam­ily and se­cu­rity are things that rat­tle your chain more than ever. These are ar­eas where you make bold moves, things you are will­ing to fight for and over which you guard. You may dis­cover in­sights into day-to-day prob­lems that will be of great value later. A heal­ing may take place where a child or loved one is im­por­tant. This is a cre­ative pe­riod for you, a time to take a chance and a time to be ap­pre­ci­ated.

GEMINI 21 MAY – 21 JUN Au­thor­i­ties and red tape may stand be­tween you and your goals to­day. This is how­ever, of short du­ra­tion. Stand­ing in a line or mak­ing phone calls seems to put an end to what­ever con­fu­sion may have ex­isted. With pa­tience, you may even­tu­ally bring some new way of work­ing on the scene. In the past, ex­pen­sive and ex­ten­sive travel may have been the an­swers to how you can ad­vance in the busi­ness you are in­volved with–now, you can com­mu­ni­cate through some new tech­nol­ogy. Even­tu­ally, few, if any, ex­pen­sive trips will be nec­es­sary. A friend may in­ter­rupt your progress to­day. You are pa­tient and help­ful when oth­ers in­ter­rupt your train of thought. Whether you are plan­ning to en­joy a movie or din­ner out this evening–ro­mance is in the air.

CAN­CER 22 JUN – 22 JUL You re­ally look for­ward to this spe­cial time. There are peo­ple that you re­ally care about and never seem to get to see or talk to any­more. This is a great time to tour around town and show off the changes that have oc­curred re­cently. You like to show oth­ers some of the new homes in your city. You may even de­cide to stop and treat ev­ery­one to a soft drink. It is easy for you to make cor­rect de­ci­sions, find the right path and move for­ward with your plans. Those an­tic­i­pated dif­fi­cul­ties can be put aside–the ball is in your court–you are the life of the party! Life’s prob­lems seem man­age­able and easy to solve. You will ex­er­cise wise choices in plan­ning a so­cial event this win­ter. You know that plan­ning cre­ates great re­sults.

LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG You are com­ing to a pe­riod of change and maybe even a bit of fog where your sense of val­ues is con­cerned. Los­ing sight of the prac­ti­cal and mun­dane can make you very artis­tic, but might not be so good for the bank­book. There is a need for cau­tion and prac­ti­cal­ity on the ma­te­rial and fi­nan­cial level. You have a nat­u­ral sense for com­mu­ni­cat­ing with oth­ers, es­pe­cially those younger than you. Clear thoughts about the past may also be flow­ing in to­day. Your goals may con­flict with your need to be a bit un­con­ven­tional. Be­ing slav­ish to es­tab­lished ideals could re­sult in a loss of free­dom and in­sight–care­ful. Be aware that lofty ideals do not au­to­mat­i­cally guar­an­tee hon­esty. For­get work this evening–dive into some fun ac­tiv­i­ties with a loved one.

VIRGO 23 AUG – 22 SEP The prob­lems and re­spon­si­bil­i­ties of life may be seen in a new light. You are able to han­dle dif­fi­cul­ties easily, see­ing them as part of a larger story. You bring a sense of value and the ideal to what are other­wise very prac­ti­cal mat­ters. You may find your­self in man­age­ment and or­ga­niz­ing at a very ideal or spir­i­tual level. You have a sense of what the crowd wants, which may in­clude an ad­ver­tis­ing, dec­o­rat­ing or de­sign skill. There is a change oc­cur­ring that will bring new in­sights into how you can take bet­ter ad­van­tage of your cur­rent sit­u­a­tion. You are more able to see what is or is not worth pur­su­ing these days. You may have break­throughs in health, per­haps al­ter­na­tive meth­ods. New and un­usual ways of ap­pre­ci­at­ing life may be pos­si­ble now.

LIBRA 23 SEP – 22 OCT A tremen­dous prac­ti­cal sense and drive cuts through all the red tape and exposes you to the right de­ci­sions to­day. With so many peo­ple un­der one roof, you may use those crit­i­cal abil­i­ties to find the truth or the com­pro­mise in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions. Work­ing with public re­la­tions is­sues is your cup of tea. Your ideals and abil­ity to see the whole pic­ture are ob­vi­ous to all who come to know you. You will pick out the im­por­tant parts of to­day’s is­sues in or­der to cre­ate a pos­i­tive change. You may de­cide to take ad­van­tage of the quiet af­ter­noon and get some rest by read­ing, play­ing with a hobby, etc. You have al­ready ap­pointed a cleanup com­mit­tee and this may be the time to step back and let them do their job. This evening, your charm brings oth­ers un­der your spell.

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