Min­i­mum wage should guar­an­tee a de­cent qual­ity of life - AD

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At a meet­ing of of­fi­cials from AD with ac­tivists from the Kam­panja Paga Min­ima Di­centi, AD Chair­per­son, Prof. Arnold Cas­sola said that AD be­lieves that it is un­ac­cept­able that the min­i­mum wage was cal­cu­lated once in 1972, on as­sump­tions that were valid 44 years ago and has never been re­vised since.

“Caritas’s work on the is­sue is com­mend­able. Their study shows how it is im­pos­si­ble to make ends meet on the min­i­mum wage. AD stresses that the min­i­mum wage should be re­vised pe­ri­od­i­cally. A strong econ­omy at the ex­pense of work­ers work­ing for poverty wages is not ac­cept­able for us.”

AD Sec­re­tary Gen­eral Ralph Cas­sar added that it is not true that an in­crease in the min­i­mum wage means that work­ers lose their jobs.

“First of all work that does not pay enough for a de­cent qual­ity of life means de­pen­dence on char­ity or wel­fare and cer­tainly and is cer­tainly not ben­e­fi­cial for the econ­omy. Even from a purely eco­nomic point of view, an in­crease in the min­i­mum wage means more cash in hand for work­ers with lower wages, who will spend more on es­sen­tial com­modi­ties and ser­vices. In a nut­shell, an in­crease in the min­i­mum wage will serve as an eco­nomic stim­u­lus.”

Anna Az­zopardi from ADZ Green Youth said that Greens have con­sis­tently stressed that the min­i­mum wage should be re­viewed to make it re­ally and truly a liv­ing wage which gives each and ev­ery per­son the nec­es­sary in­come for a dig­ni­fied life.

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