FAA de­mands an­swers be­fore project goes ahead

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In the wake of Fri­day’s pub­lic con­sul­ta­tion meet­ing, Flimkien għal Am­b­jent Aħ­jar has de­manded an­swers to a num­ber of ques­tions be­fore the new De­li­mara power sta­tion project goes ahead, as fol­lows:

Has the Plan­ning Au­thor­ity ap­pointed its own ex­perts to study the Elec­tro­gas re­ports?

In the case of the re­ports pre­pared by Marin, the Elec­tro­gas con­sul­tants, there seems to be a se­ri­ous prob­lem with the moor­ings in case of ex­treme weather con­di­tions, since an­chors, no mat­ter how heavy, are not enough to hold the tanker. Moor­ings are the key ele­ment in em­bed­ding an­chors in the seabed, as the forces ex­erted by the tanker dur­ing ex­treme weather far ex­ceed the weight of 35 tonne an­chors.

The con­clu­sions of some of the Marin re­ports clearly show that the moor­ings may fail in some par­tic­u­lar in­stances. How are the Plan­ning Au­thor­ity and ul­ti­mately the government go­ing to re­spond to th­ese safety ques­tions be­ing raised in the re­ports for­warded by Marin, who are the ex­perts ap­pointed by the de­vel­oper and op­er­a­tor? Has the Plan­ning Au­thor­ity ap­pointed its own ex­perts of the same stature as the con­sul­tants ap­pointed by Elec­tro­gas?

If not, how can the Reg­u­la­tor and, ul­ti­mately the government, be 100% sure of the safety of this project?

Which reg­u­la­tors will be in charge of the safe op­er­a­tion of the plant once it be­comes op­er­a­tional?

What ex­pe­ri­ence lev­els do th­ese reg­u­la­tors have to be able to guar­an­tee the level and qual­ity of in­spec­tions?

What is the level of ex­pe­ri­ence of the per­sons car­ry­ing out the in­spec­tions on be­half of the reg­u­la­tory bod­ies on sim­i­lar plants?

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