The Mal­tese house that Clin­ton built and Trump just blew down

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If it means dis­cred­it­ing him as a per­son, threat­en­ing him and car­ry­ing out il­le­gal acts to stop him, so be it. Now mul­ti­ply the above by a fac­tor of at least 5000 and you start get­ting close to the mark. It is cer­tainly not for the faint­hearted or the weak. Not for the ide­ol­o­gist alone but for a team of peo­ple who want change. Each might have their own dif­fer­ent rea­son for want­ing it but they are united in the wish to change the sit­u­a­tion no mat­ter what. They want it so much that for them it is not a mat­ter of if but when change will hap­pen. They are will­ing to make huge ef­forts and en­dure per­sonal pain; they work against in­cred­i­ble odds yet re­main fo­cused so that change will hap­pen.

This week has been a good week for change. Af­ter hav­ing gone through re­cent big ‘pains’ I am much en­cour­aged by a new batch of fresh blood and ca­pa­ble peo­ple fi­nally com­mit­ting to work ac­tively with us for change to hap­pen. On a wider level Malta too ex­pe­ri­enced pos­i­tive steps to­wards real change. First, early this week, un­known to the gen­eral pub­lic, we had a po­ten­tially dan­ger­ous sit­u­a­tion in Malta it­self. Luck­ily, it was sheer luck and the fast ac­tion of some in­di­vid­u­als that we were spared the very harm­ful in­ter­na­tional con­se­quences. Later in the week, po­ten­tial Libyan peace talks un­der the UN aus­pices fi­nally took place in Malta. Af­ter ig­nor­ing re­peated re­quests for such a meet­ing our government fi­nally changed its pre­vi­ous, wrong di­rec­tion on this mat­ter. The Mal­tese government ac­ceded to “obey­ing UN’s re­quest” and also, in the end, up­held the Con­sti­tu­tion it­self in­stead of know­ingly break­ing it. This is some­thing that the Par­tit Al­leanza Bidla has been in­sist­ing on for over two years. De­spite all the stum­bling blocks thrown in our path, this week’s meet­ings would not have hap­pened had it not been for Al­leanza Bidla and other ded­i­cated in­di­vid­u­als who worked in­ces­santly with the lim­ited tools avail­able to see this hap­pen. Ef­fec­tively, we did the work that our government should have done and pre­sented it to them as a done deal. The typ­i­cal re­sponse is that they now gloat about ‘their achieve­ment’ that they had pre­vi­ously worked so hard against!! We too are gloat­ing as our government’s forced turn around on this pol­icy was worth all the ef­fort. Not only be­cause we were right all the time about Libya but be­cause it was the right thing for Malta to do.

Fi­nally, of course, we had the huge change in Amer­ica it­self. If there is any­thing that shows my first para­graph above to be cor­rect, it was the Amer­i­can elec­toral cam­paign it­self. It was long, rough, dirty, and like noth­ing that we have seen be­fore. Against all imag­in­able odds, a to­tally non-po­lit­i­cal in­di­vid­ual is now Pres­i­dent-elect of the US. The es­tab­lish­ment, based pri­mar­ily on the pur­suit of pure fi­nan­cial profit and bank­ing in­ter­ests, the es­tab­lish­ment which in re­turn for money drove the very harm­ful neo-lib­er­al­ist agen­das and im­posed them on the rest of the world so force­fully, lost to the to­tal out­sider! De­spite all the strength, power and money avail­able, Go­liath was beaten by lit­tle David. David, who re­fused to fight them with the fist and with their weapons, but pre­ferred to use the sling. Just like David, they laughed and mocked him when he stood up to face the Philistines. Which one of them is laugh­ing now?

Against all odds, change, real change that the peo­ple have been wait­ing for, for five years has now hap­pened and we all hope that this change will be for the good of us all. For me, a Chris­tian, anti neo-lib­er­al­ist, pro-lifer, it can only get bet­ter.

There is also change in Europe too. Another real change against all odds. They laughed at Nigel Farage’s dream of Brexit. Again, who of them is laugh­ing at him now?

In the­ory, the western world should be ruled by three women – Clin­ton, May and Merkel. In­stead, we see neo-lib­er­al­ism reel­ing and sov­er­eign state-based democ­racy gain­ing ground by the day. Not just in the US and the UK but through­out Europe. Some now pre­dict the full demise of the EU en­tity it­self. Al­leanza ad­vised three years ago that if the EU does not re­form fast and truly base it­self on the peo­ple as op­posed to Obama/Clin­ton’s poli­cies, it will in­evitably self-im­plode.

With th­ese new changes the EU block will now prob­a­bly split into two blocks: one led by Bri­tain and with Italy in it too. This block will be close to the US and its new al­lies (Rus­sia?) who all hold the same creed: sov­er­eign democ­racy and free trade. Real in­de­pen­dence, real sovereignty and the right to self-de­ter­mi­na­tion. The other block will be led by France and Ger­many. They will carry on preach­ing neo-lib­er­al­ism and Merkel’s failed fed­er­al­ist dream. A fake dream be­cause, in re­al­ity, they too put their coun­tries first but pre­tend oth­er­wise so as to con­trol the smaller na­tions to their ben­e­fit.

In this sce­nario, Malta has some very se­ri­ous and fast think­ing to do with re­gards to its for­eign pol­icy. With our to­tally in­ept min­is­ter/prime min­is­ter re­la­tion­ship, this is some­thing we are just not ca­pa­ble of do­ing at present even though it is so im­por­tant that we do and get it ab­so­lutely right: our fu­ture way of life is at stake.

We all know that the PN, PL and AD are to­tally sold on Merkel’s fed­er­al­ist dream, and on Clin­ton’s neo-lib­er­al­ist pol­icy. At least Busu­till stuck to his guns re­gard­ing his ad­mi­ra­tion of her poli­cies. In typ­i­cal fash­ion on the other hand, our Prime Min­is­ter has al­ready aban­doned ship and is now claim­ing that he is re­ally like Trump! This is the kind of lead­er­ship that we have.

Three years ago, we (few) left the comfort of our tra­di­tional par­ties. We to­tally dis­agreed with the new neo-lib­er­al­ist di­rec­tion that both chose to take. To us, it is a harm­ful path and the re­sults are al­ready show­ing. Both the PN and the PL cham­pion Clin­ton’s harm­ful poli­cies un­ques­tion­ably and the PL (Pro­gres­sive Lib­er­als) un­der Mus­cat gained so much tem­po­rar­ily for this new found loy­alty to her.

De­spite com­ing from dif­fer­ent po­lit­i­cal camps we found what unites us and be­ing fully aware of the hard road ahead, we left. We pre­ferred to keep our prin­ci­ples, morals and val­ues be­fore ev­ery­thing else. We did not join to cre­ate a de­bat­ing so­ci­ety but to make real change hap­pen. To work for it po­lit­i­cally as this is the only way we be­lieve that change will hap­pen. We be­lieve that a much needed change in our fail­ing two-party elec­toral power is needed. One that merely hands over power, with­out ques­tion, for five years to the ‘lesser of two evils’. One that is highly prone to abuse from who­ever is in power to one that gives coali­tion govern­ments and a real time safety valve against abuse.

But just like in Bri­tain and in the US that part – the when –is not in our hands. It is in the hands of the Mal­tese peo­ple who now, like their Amer­i­can/Bri­tish coun­ter­parts do have an al­ter­na­tive to con­sider in the forth­com­ing elec­tion.

Our job is to of­fer that al­ter­na­tive. To be­lieve as we do in change and to per­suade oth­ers that we are most se­ri­ous when we say that it can hap­pen if they want it as much as we do.

Of course back then they also laughed at us too. Yet the PN seems to have stopped laugh­ing and seems to be tak­ing us more se­ri­ously. And if what we are be­ing told is cor­rect, the PL has also stopped laugh­ing too. Not the top Taghna Lkoll level in the OPM that is. They will no doubt carry on laugh­ing even when it is too late to keep do­ing so. But not the more sen­si­ble lower lev­els, who now re­alise that the Taghna Lkoll are not only laugh­ing at us but also at them and will carry on do­ing so long af­ter they have left the oth­ers to pick up the pieces they will leave be­hind….

The ques­tion then is no longer if but when will the fi­nal tip­ping point hap­pen?

Has it ac­tu­ally hap­pened al­ready?

Is the real, pos­i­tive change we have worked so hard for just around the cor­ner?

And who will in fact be hav­ing the last laugh on this road for real change in Malta too?

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