Faith is still in­dis­pens­able

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I am writ­ing this let­ter mainly for two rea­sons.

Firstly, to vin­di­cate the pol­icy of this pa­per to pub­lish let­ters on opin­ions the editor may dis­agree with but still de­fends the sender’s right and space to have his say. And promptly John Guil­lau­mier is back in gear with the car door wide open.

Se­condly, as I have al­ways main­tained, Mr Guil­lau­mier de­lib­er­ately or ac­ci­dently comes out with a false the­ory at the wrong time. When we have 52 weeks in a year, why did he write his let­ter “Life is short” at this time, the end of the litur­gi­cal year, when we have the so­lu­tion pro­vided by Je­sus?

While ev­ery­one’s end of the world is at the mo­ment of his death, Je­sus went even fur­ther and fore­cast a more ter­ri­fy­ing sce­nario of the last events. But His ad­vice is clear and un­equiv­o­cal. “See to it that you are not alarmed.”

Each sun­rise seems to bring fresh rea­sons for fear. Fear it seems has moved in next door and set up shop. But what if faith, not fear, was our de­fault reaction to th­ese im­pend­ing cos­mic and univer­sal calami­ties? This is too dif­fi­cult for a cynic to com­pre­hend.

“In such cir­cum­stances, keep your head and don’t panic. Be faith­ful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life” (Rev. 2:10)

We have this prom­ise of the King of Kings and Lord of time and life.

Who is this Omar Khayyam any­way?

Be­lieve Omar Khayyam or Je­sus Christ? My OK goes to Je­sus! Life with Him is eter­nal!

John Az­zopardi Zab­bar

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