Flo­ri­ana start league cam­paign with win over Hiber­ni­ans

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Hiber­ni­ans Flo­ri­ana MCP 71 81

ses­sion end­ing run with Ste­fan Vella and Lizaur triples but it was still the Greens in front at the in­ter­val on a 34-27 score.

Af­ter the break, both sides kept on mak­ing their points. Si­mon At­tard net­ted a Hibs trey with Flo­ri­ana re­ply­ing with a brace of hoops. The Pao­lites came up with a 10-4 run and At­tard and Lizaur triples to tie the score.

Flo­ri­ana forged for­ward once again with a 7-0 run and a Vaso­vic trey.

The Greens then re­sponded to their op­po­nents' points till the end of the ses­sion with Shawn Pace also sink­ing a trey as Flo­ri­ana led 56-49 go­ing into the last pe­riod. Pa­tus net­ted a fur­ther hoop to help Flo­ri­ana in a 7-2 run.

Lizaur and Marco Mati­je­vic made their hoops for Hibs who still trailed at a dis­tance. Flo­ri­ana made sure of the re­sult when they put in another 7-2 run with another Pa­tus trey. The Pao­lites did make up an 8-0 run but time was against them Flo­ri­ana's next free throws sealed the match leav­ing Hibs no op­tions to get real close.

P. At­tard, M. Mati­je­vic 22, M. Hamp­ton, L. Far­ru­gia, S. At­tard 6, I. Bonett 2, A. Mi­callef 2, R. Carabott, K. Sul­tana, S. Vella 3, F. Mar­i­ani 5, A. Lizaur 31

C. Pa­tus 24, S. Pace 6, S. Borg 4, N. Vaso­vic 24, C. calleja 5, A. Ax­iaq 11, N. An­dreje­vic 7 B. Vas­sallo, T. He­le­nius, Z. Do­brosavl­je­vic

Photo: Mike Camil­leri

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