Nigel Farage: per­sona non grata

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Nigel Farage is the per­son who un­doubt­edly in­flu­enced the Brexit vote. He per­suaded many that an in­or­di­nate num­ber of for­eign­ers were com­ing to live in Bri­tain. He sim­ply did not want them in the UK. He suc­ceeded in his aim by ap­peal­ing to the baser in­stincts of the voter com­monly known as Pop­ulism.

A po­lit­i­cal plat­form that tar­gets for­eign­ers, im­mi­grants and re­li­gious mi­nori­ties that has a racial and xeno­pho­bic base un­der­pin­ning its ra­tio­nale.

Farage was re­cently seen with Pres­i­dent-elect Trump who no doubt adopted much of Farage’s elec­tion model. We saw Mr Farage en­joy­ing the re­flected glory of Trumps vic­tory as if it were his own.

Prior to the Brexit ref­er­en­dum, Farage vis­ited Malta to ob­tain sup­port from the Bri­tish res­i­dents here. That is in or­der but when he was in­ter­viewed by a lo­cal reporter, he also ad­vised the pop­u­la­tion to leave the EU. That was abuse of our hospi­tal­ity and in to­tal ig­no­rance of our link and favourable at­ti­tude to the EU.

I re­mem­ber the ar­ro­gant and pa­tron­iz­ing way this un­pleas­ant man treated that reporter.

I also re­mem­ber his joy­ful dec­la­ra­tion of the Brexit re­sult, call­ing it Bri­tain’s In­de­pen­dence Day. By now I hope he has re­alised that be­cause Bri­tain has re­cently sent Boris John­son to these is­lands to test the wa­ters on Malta’s stand re­gard­ing Bri­tain ob­tain­ing the best Brexit deal from Europe, that Bri­tain is not, as a trad­ing na­tion, ex­actly in­de­pen­dent af­ter all. He must also re­mem­ber, which should take the smile off his face, that his tri­umph in win­ning the Brexit ref­er­en­dum vote was a Pyrrhic vic­tory which has left both Bri­tain and the rest of Europe in a state of un­cer­tainty in the mar­kets.

Mr Farage is a mem­ber of the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment but is no friend of Malta. His kind of di­vi­sive pol­i­tics is not wanted on these is­lands. If I had my way, I would de­clare this man a per­sona non grata.

Joe Izzo

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