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This may be a slow day. You are hap­pi­est when lots of ac­tiv­ity is around you. While the en­er­gies will pick back up soon, it is not the end of the world. You should take ad­van­tage of the slow-mov­ing day by plan­ning your next pro­fes­sional deal. It goes well for you when you of­fer to help an­other co-worker com­plete a project. The plan­e­tary in­flu­ences at this time make it pos­si­ble for you to see things clearly and to make suc­cess­ful plans. You are ready for a fresh start with re­gard to some per­sonal rou­tine–per­haps the es­tab­lish­ment of new habit pat­terns would be ben­e­fi­cial. You can be very ef­fec­tive play­ing be­hind the scenes. This af­ter­noon there is time for creative ad­ven­tures while vis­it­ing a hobby store. House­hold chores are shared this evening.


This is an easy, calm day that should find ev­ery­thing run­ning smoothly. Pos­i­tive in­ter­ac­tion with author­ity fig­ures may be in the fore­cast. Your en­thu­si­asm about what you are do­ing is catch­ing. Oth­ers en­joy work­ing with you. Work­ing with–rather than against– the flow of en­ergy should help you get you where you want to go. This is a time of good for­tune when things open up in a very nat­u­ral way. A higher-up may re­veal some im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion to­day; lis­ten with­out com­ment­ing. Sit­u­a­tions are al­most tai­lor-made and it is easy to see which path is the one to take. Op­por­tu­ni­ties pre­vail and you may find your­self want­ing and able to do al­most ev­ery­thing. Mat­ters of law, re­li­gion and phi­los­o­phy of the most de­ter­mined kind hold your in­ter­est.


You value in­de­pen­dence, as well as any­thing un­usual or dif­fer­ent. You are ex­pres­sive and creative and find ways to solve prob­lems and ac­com­plish projects very quickly. Some­one near you, a neigh­bor, friend or rel­a­tive may have added re­spon­si­bil­i­ties this next week­end. Vol­un­teer some of your time to walk the dog, bring in the mail, etc. Your of­fer will be ap­pre­ci­ated and then the group of you can re­lax to­gether later next week. When it comes to fi­nances, you seem to have an an­gel watch­ing over you. Of course, this does not mean you can throw cau­tion to the wind and take risks. If you want to shop for a new win­ter coat or be­gin to pur­chase gifts for the next family cel­e­bra­tion–af­ter the chores to­day would be a good time to shop.


You com­mu­ni­cate with con­sum­mate skill and it is stim­u­lat­ing just be­ing with you. Your high de­gree of men­tal con­cen­tra­tion makes you an ex­cel­lent stu­dent, able to ex­cel in speak­ing, writ­ing and all types of com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills. To­day you show your com­pet­i­tive side– even pushi­ness, per­haps. How­ever, all is fair in love and war and your de­ter­mi­na­tion to prove your­self suc­cess­ful is at full steam ahead. Your am­bi­tions go hand-in-hand with com­mu­ni­ca­tion and us­ing the mind and the two should never be far apart. You are full of sug­ges­tions to­day and you will mo­ti­vate many through your own win­ning at­ti­tude. This af­ter­noon you in­volve your­self in the arts . . . Mu­sic, dance or even a sports com­pe­ti­tion. This evening you may en­joy a lively trivia game.


Lovely words and a flair for de­scrip­tion–the artis­tic in all its many forms is where you ex­cel above any other to­day. You have an in­ner sense of warmth and good­ness with the abil­ity to ex­press your tal­ent. Be­cause you are kind and easy to be with, peo­ple en­joy be­ing with you. This is a time for imag­i­na­tion and cre­ativ­ity when it comes to ideas and think­ing. You may be work­ing on some form of ad­ver­tis­ing or house de­sign; what­ever the case, you will hear praise from all around you. Your key word is re­spon­si­bil­ity: trust­wor­thi­ness. You are able to find your­self in oth­ers, in re­la­tion­ships, rather than alone–a mir­ror or clear pool. You can be peace­ful, calm and undis­turbed. To­day you man­age to get a family mem­ber to agree to a plan.


You en­joy so­cial­iz­ing with peo­ple from dif­fer­ent back­grounds. You can be very pop­u­lar when you are try­ing new things–you are so ea­ger. With an open mind to what oth­ers have to say, you could feel great sup­port. Show­ing up for work early, you are able to en­joy long re­la­tion­ships with friends from all over the world. You can be a pos­i­tive in­flu­ence on oth­ers just now. Think ad­ven­tur­ously but be care­ful that your en­thu­si­asm is not so strong that it makes oth­ers un­com­fort­able. Re­mem­ber, oth­ers have to work and achieve at their own level. You will lead oth­ers in some group ac­tiv­ity. You are a nat­u­ral group leader or trainer– your vi­tal­ity and drive is com­mu­ni­cated to ev­ery­one you see, es­pe­cially the young peo­ple in your life.


You are al­ways out front and man­age to spend a lot of time in the spot­light and to­day is no ex­cep­tion. Oth­ers find it easy to watch and learn from you. Your mind is on cut­ting through the nonessen­tials and pen­e­trat­ing to the core of is­sues–you want to know who, or what pulls the strings. Sex, taxes, in­vest­ments and other sub­jects of life’s most com­pelling phe­nom­ena may cap­ti­vate your in­ter­est now. You are very an­i­mated and may find com­mu­ni­cat­ing your ideas is a par­tic­u­larly easy thing to do at this time. Po­lit­i­cal, lec­tur­ing or teach­ing con­cerns could be in­volved with this need to com­mu­ni­cate. You may find your­self be­ing put to good use by your friends this af­ter­noon. You show un­der­stand­ing to a friend this evening.


Strong be­liefs are key­notes to your power– the power of ideas and the power they wield over peo­ple. Re­li­gious, cul­tural or philo­soph­i­cal con­tro­ver­sies and cru­sades have a way of stir­ring your blood. You like to work with words and ideas and you have a nat­u­ral ap­pre­ci­a­tion for any­thing that is artis­tic. Ideas come quickly. Creative writ­ing is an ex­cel­lent out­let of ex­pres­sion. Put some thoughts down on pa­per for fu­ture use. You may find your­self edit­ing or proof­ing work to be pub­lished. As you re­lax this evening, you could write some form of prose. You may en­joy talk­ing about your ex­pe­ri­ences to­day and ask­ing the ad­vice of an older and more ex­pe­ri­enced per­son. You en­joy look­ing for new ways of self-dis­cov­ery.

LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG

You could find your­self work­ing a longer at some project to­day–you may be sought af­ter as just the per­son for a par­tic­u­lar chore. You are open-minded and demo­cratic, en­thu­si­as­tic and have a def­i­nite sense of mis­sion. You are at home with dif­fer­ent cul­tures, peo­ples and lands and may lend your­self to oth­ers for teach­ing read­ing, tech­ni­cal ap­pli­ca­tions, math, etc. You love to work with and in groups and will find your day full of in­ter­ac­tion with all dif­fer­ent types of peo­ple. Your sense of re­spon­si­bil­ity will be what guides you and proves suc­cess­ful. Your gen­eral out­look on life is at­trac­tive–peo­ple seek you out to help them. You are a nat­u­ral coun­selor and may find your­self in­volved in deep dis­cus­sions con­cern­ing the lifestyles of oth­ers.


Your en­er­gies are up and there are lots of new projects that are up for grabs in your place of busi­ness. Outer cir­cum­stances make it easy for you to make clear de­ci­sions, as usual. Things seem to fall in place and progress is easy. Be care­ful not to overex­tend your en­er­gies–plan ahead. You want to get things or­ga­nized–you have the ini­tia­tive to do it. This is a time of am­bi­tion–a time to keep your cool and pace your­self. Work­ing hard is smart, but work­ing smart is bet­ter. Ob­tain­ing and ex­chang­ing in­for­ma­tion takes on a good deal of im­por­tance just now. Com­mu­ni­cat­ing feel­ings be­comes more im­por­tant, es­pe­cially with family mem­bers this evening. Con­ver­sa­tions of an in­spir­ing kind may be in or­der with young peo­ple, or oth­ers around you.

LI­BRA 23 SEP – 22 OCT

You have a lot of en­ergy and drive–per­fect for start­ing some­thing or for tak­ing care of old busi­ness. Com­mu­ni­ca­tions may tend to be short and to the point this morn­ing. You are very de­ter­mined and de­lib­er­ate at what­ever you choose to do. This is a great time to get things ac­com­plished. Emo­tional be­gin­nings, a fresh start, per­haps the es­tab­lish­ment of new habit pat­terns is also in the mak­ing. This af­ter­noon is a good time to broaden your hori­zons both in­tel­lec­tu­ally and spir­i­tu­ally. A strong urge for the so­cial life may find you out and about later to­day. Very phys­i­cal too–ex­er­cise or ro­mance is in or­der this evening. Per­haps you will meet that spe­cial per­son at the spa cen­ter. No wor­ries; fun times are ahead.


Peo­ple that de­pend on you for sup­port, par­tic­u­larly over the week­ends, have agen­das for you to work through. Golly! Sounds like you may not get any­thing ac­com­plished on your own agenda list! Com­pare lists . . . You may find you can ac­com­plish a few things on your list while work­ing through your loved one’s list. A will­ing­ness to help may re­duce some stress. Ro­mance and so­cial in­ter­ac­tions take on a greater im­por­tance for you later this af­ter­noon. There is time to re­lax and re­group as well. Har­mo­nious ties to oth­ers are what you seek. The ideal part­ner­ship, the per­fect bal­ance, the high­est stan­dards of truth and beauty take work and you are will­ing. An af­ter­noon get-to­gether with neigh­bors or friends will find you laugh­ing and en­joy­ing your­self.

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