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Your pa­tience is re­warded as you work to solve a prob­lem or busy your­self to get things ac­com­plished. You feel a clear sense of di­rec­tion and are learn­ing to keep your pri­or­i­ties in the right place. There will be no snags now as you work to ac­com­plish a cou­ple of long-term goals for your­self be­fore the year is ended. En­light­en­ment and re­la­tion­ships are what brings you the most emo­tional sat­is­fac­tion at this time. Mean­ing­ful ties to other peo­ple are a fo­cal point for your feel­ings and you may find mar­riage and other part­ner­ships be­ing a means of ac­cess for this. Com­pas­sion and com­pre­hen­sion are emo­tional qual­i­ties that take on greater im­por­tance for you now. You make your­self avail­able to lis­ten and give ad­vice.


You sup­port a friend this morn­ing by giv­ing en­cour­age­ment and a lit­tle push to go for some new po­si­tion within the com­pany. Con­di­tions are per­fect for self-ex­pres­sion and work very well with your spe­cial way of guid­ance. You stay fo­cused on your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, even though there are many in­ter­rup­tions. With only a few kind words of en­cour­age­ment you can help your co-work­ers gain a fo­cus as well. There are a num­ber of trea­sures that you have un­cov­ered this year and you are in an ap­pre­cia­tive mood. Through your words and ideas, you can cap­ture an au­di­ence. Po­etry and art may be a part of this ac­tiv­ity. You may de­cide to take some kind of art class af­ter the hol­i­days to en­hance your tal­ents. You use your in­ven­tive mind to make de­ci­sions tonight.


Work con­di­tions may be ac­tive and pos­si­bly stress­ful dur­ing the day. You will suc­ceed in ac­com­plish­ing what­ever you set out to do this day. Your de­sire to try some­thing to­tally new and dif­fer­ent could lead you on an in­ves­ti­ga­tion of some rather far-out ideas. Ev­ery­thing is work­ing in your fa­vor to help bring out your more unique and un­usual qual­i­ties. It may sur­prise you just a lit­tle to re­al­ize who will un­der­stand and sup­port your rather ec­cen­tric be­hav­ior. There are new so­lu­tions to a long-held prob­lem and you may dis­cover an idea that would bring in a wel­comed ad­di­tion to the sav­ings ac­count. So­cially, you could be the star of the next big dance. You have a unique vi­sion of how to put to­gether some beau­ti­ful ma­te­rial, styles and colors.


Your thought­ful ap­pre­ci­a­tion for ideas and thoughts should make this an ex­cel­lent time to be­gin a new pro­ject in the work­place. This is also a pos­i­tive and pro­duc­tive pe­riod for you, and oth­ers are very en­thu­si­as­tic about some­thing you have to of­fer. Those around you will have no prob­lem in know­ing just where you are com­ing from, as you are quite elo­quent in your abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate. You may find your­self in the mid­dle of a very en­joy­able con­ver­sa­tion, writ­ing a let­ter, or get­ting caught up on a bit of read­ing. You draw to your­self an abun­dance of beau­ti­ful and har­mo­nious re­la­tion­ships to your life. Part­ner­ships and mar­riage could be some of the key el­e­ments in this now. You aim for a bal­anced life.


A very ac­tive day is fore­casted at this time. You are un­der a bit more pres­sure this morn­ing than you have been re­cently, but that’s okay; you are fin­ish­ing up a lot of over­due projects as a re­sult. Although you are as­signed to do a lot more than usual, you are able to take it all in stride. Try­ing to es­tab­lish a plan to get new projects and peo­ple or­ga­nized could take up much of your time this af­ter­noon. For­tu­nately, you are most in­ter­ested in work-re­lated mat­ters at this time, as well as the co-work­ers. This af­ter­noon could be a pe­riod of very in­volved study and thought. A sud­den in­spi­ra­tion will resolve a long-stand­ing worry. If you can clear out enough space tonight and to­mor­row, you will be able to make some fun changes around the home front.


Your re­cent in­vest­ments will be show­ing re­sults soon–pa­tience! Fig­ur­ing things out is just the thing that takes on a spe­cial sig­nif­i­cance. A ca­reer plan that you have been think­ing about re­cently can now be put into ac­tion. You also have a height­ened in­ter­est in health and diet, as well as an urge to get things or­ga­nized into a ra­tio­nal sys­tem. There is much men­tal busy­work to­day–at home and at work. If you are think­ing about pick­ing out that new car soon, check out all the in­ter­net re­ports or pur­chase money-guide mag­a­zines be­fore you sign on the dot­ted line–you will be glad you did. Use dis­cre­tion in mak­ing pur­chas­ing de­ci­sions; you could find it easy to make some wrong choices–es­pe­cially those that may af­fect your liv­ing sit­u­a­tion


As­sum­ing risks can bring great re­wards. Some­one younger than your­self could look to you for an­swers to prob­lems of great im­por­tance. You may fig­ure out how to pro­ceed with plans and de­ci­sions with re­spect to your pro­fes­sional world. You should dis­cover that your tal­ents are in de­mand by oth­ers– whether you are at home or at work. Per­haps you will find your­self in­volved in some in-depth dis­cus­sions or prob­ing con­ver­sa­tions; you are at your men­tal best just now. Sweet­hearts, chil­dren and other folks or things that you con­sider near and dear to your heart are ac­cented at this time. There may not be a more pow­er­ful need in your life than know­ing that you are ap­pre­ci­ated and ad­mired for your spe­cial tal­ents; do this for oth­ers.


Your in­nate abil­ity to un­der­stand the needs of oth­ers puts you in the driver’s seat when it comes to com­mu­ni­cat­ing re­gard­ing groups or so­ci­ety in gen­eral. Know­ing what peo­ple re­ally want and need is the main key to your suc­cess. You may find your­self more in­volved in get­ting things and peo­ple or­ga­nized at this time. You are not will­ing to ac­cept the opin­ions of oth­ers strictly on their say-so, un­less they have some proof or au­thor­ity. Small prob­lems that arise this af­ter­noon may slow down your progress. Your cre­ative and in­tu­itive tal­ents may sur­face, bring­ing with them some new and unique thoughts and ideas. There will be those that you are close to that will be very sup­port­ive of your ec­cen­tric­i­ties. Tonight there is some wel­comed news!.


You may find it easy to make some clear eval­u­a­tions that af­fect oth­ers at this time. Your abil­ity to make com­mon sense de­ci­sions will be val­ued. You just seem to nat­u­rally know what the pub­lic wants and you are not afraid to seek help with fi­nances, if nec­es­sary. Some­thing or some­one is in­stru­men­tal in help­ing you to un­der­stand some dif­fi­cult task that may be needed this morn­ing. Un­der­neath that hard-work­ing shell is a very cre­ative and in­tu­itive be­ing; an in­ven­tion may be seen be­fore much time has passed. Ex­tra in­cen­tive and drive in­sures that you will have a suc­cess­ful fu­ture. Diet, ex­er­cise and work will some­how be im­por­tant to you, as you sin­cerely want to feel good about your­self and the way that you do things. You en­cour­age fam­ily har­mony.

LEO 23 JUL – 22 AUG

Those in au­thor­ity know of your abil­ity to man­age and di­rect other peo­ple and could be seek­ing you out to take the re­spon­si­bil­ity for a par­tic­u­lar job re­quir­ing this tal­ent. It is a great time to be with oth­ers and to work to­gether. This is a su­per time for you to use your imag­i­na­tion and cre­ative abil­ity when it comes to new ideas. This, along with the abil­ity to put your thoughts into words, will al­low you to de­light and fas­ci­nate those around you. You may find a good book or movie to en­joy with your cup of tea, this af­ter­noon. You should find no prob­lem in en­ter­tain­ing oth­ers or car­ing for peo­ple that just need a lit­tle guid­ance. You may feel es­pe­cially kind­hearted to­ward a friend. Although this is a very busy time of year, you find time to en­joy your­self.


Some­one who truly un­der­stands your sit­u­a­tion and how you feel will be sym­pa­thetic to­day. You may take heart in re­al­iz­ing just how ap­pre­ci­ated or val­ued you are for your feel­ings or your abil­ity to take ac­tion and get things done. You are kind­hearted, un­der­stand­ing and sen­si­tive to the needs of oth­ers just now and that puts you in an ex­cel­lent po­si­tion to com­mu­ni­cate with all con­cerned. You find more time to broaden your think­ing and reach for the truth. You feel the need to in­volve your­self in more ar­eas like ed­u­ca­tion, pol­i­tics, re­li­gion, law or some­thing travel re­lated. This could find you search­ing far from your es­tab­lished roots. Com­pany may drop by at an in­con­ve­nient time. Be pre­pared to in­vite them on an evening walk for good health.


Fig­ur­ing out how to or­ga­nize peo­ple is likely to be a topic of spe­cial ap­peal. This is also a time of con­cen­trated study and thought. You are ex­tremely re­source­ful and can find a way for you to make a lit­tle ex­tra money at do­ing prac­ti­cally any­thing. You might also teach oth­ers your ideas or tech­niques. Ma­jor fi­nan­cial changes will show pos­i­tive re­sults. Seek in­vest­ments you be­lieve in and mak­ing money be­comes dou­bly re­ward­ing. You seem to un­der­stand your emo­tions and drive and you have no prob­lem in dis­cussing your feel­ings with great in­sight and flu­id­ity. This evening should be a par­tic­u­larly pleas­ant time to be with loved ones. Plan to spend some qual­ity time with your loved ones. Say yes to a ro­man­tic din­ner, or a fam­ily din­ner away from home.

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