The world is now in real dan­ger

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It is not just that what up till yes­ter­day were cer­tain­ties have now be­come doubts.

Maybe with­out our real­is­ing what is hap­pen­ing, the world we were brought up in has changed, is chang­ing, and we can only watch and see. We were brought up in a world that was sta­ble be­cause there was Amer­ica in de­fence of free­dom and a cer­tain style of liv­ing. No longer. Amer­ica is about to get a pres­i­dent who, rather than be­lieve in what his coun­try’s se­cu­rity ser­vices say, prefers to be­lieve what the Rus­sian pres­i­dent tells him.

He has at­tacked and den­i­grated all those who dared sug­gest that he was be­ing black­mailed by Rus­sia for maybe some com­pro­mis­ing pho­tos they have of him ca­vort­ing with ac­tresses in Moscow.

All through the elec­tion cam­paign, Don­ald Trump had ar­gued he could have bet­ter re­la­tions with Vladimir Putin than Barack Obama had. He also ar­gued that Amer­i­can pol­icy un­der Obama and Clin­ton was head­ing in the wrong di­rec­tion.

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Trump is also in favour of wind­ing down the Amer­i­can um­brella that con­sists of US per­son­nel and weapons present in Europe or at least mak­ing the Euro­peans pay for such pro­tec­tion. He does not see why Europe and Amer­ica must de­fend Ukraine and those coun­tries which have es­caped from the iron grip of Soviet Rus­sia and joined Europe and Nato, such as Poland, the Baltic states, etc are quak­ing that the Amer­i­can pro­tec­tion may be with­drawn.

On the other hand, he and Putin say they in­tend to hound and an­ni­hi­late Isis and the var­i­ous Is­lamic ter­ror groups that have sprouted. But we have seen the kind of sup­port that Rus­sia and Putin can give, such as that which an­ni­hi­lated Aleppo and caused count­less deaths.

We can­not say that the pre­vi­ous regime did not com­mit mul­ti­ple mis­takes in its han­dling of world af­fairs. The US may not have been right, with hind­sight, to at­tack Sad­dam Hus­sein’s Iraq but then it han­dled the af­ter­math dis­as­trously. It has dis­mem­bered the coun­try which is to­day still wal­low­ing in law­less­ness and has lost a good third to Isis. Trump says he in­tends to make Amer­ica greater but we are jus­ti­fied in ask­ing how does he in­tend to do this when he in­tends to re­draw the Amer­i­can re­la­tions with Moscow? Like many pop­ulists who made it to the top by mak­ing ex­trav­a­gant prom­ises, Trump is now called to de­liver. Will he build a wall to stop Mex­i­cans from en­ter­ing the US? Will he im­pose a mora­to­rium on Is­lamic be­liev­ers from en­ter­ing the US, as he promised?

There is no doubt­ing about the va­lid­ity of his elec­tion, even though he ob­tained less votes than Hil­lary Clin­ton. He is the man the Amer­i­cans chose to lead them.

But for us, Euro­peans, the choice of the Amer­i­cans is omi­nous. He in­tends to fra­ter­nalise with Putin and he also in­tends to make us Euro­peans pay for the US help in our de­fence. If there is any more co­gent rea­son for Europe to come to­gether, to think as one big con­ti­nent, to re­move any splits and ar­gu­ments and to ex­press sol­i­dar­ity in con­crete ways, this is it.

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