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CAPRICORN 22 DEC – 19 JAN Sym­pa­thy and un­der­stand­ing are im­por­tant qual­i­ties that take on greater mean­ing now. It's wis­dom, not knowl­edge, that counts most. Com­ing to un­der­stand how you got where you are to­day may give you an at­ti­tude of ap­pre­ci­a­tion. Do not give up; your goals are within your reach. Be care­ful that you do not over­spend or in­dulge too much just now. This is a great time to be with oth­ers and to work to­gether. You may be sought af­ter as just the per­son for a par­tic­u­lar job. Your man­age­ment and di­rec­tional abil­i­ties are in high fo­cus and al­though you may pre­fer to so­cial­ize, the en­er­gies are not right for small talk. This is a time when you can ex­pect a lit­tle boost, some ex­tra sup­port or recog­ni­tion from those around you.

AQUARIUS 20 JAN – 18 FEB You have an as­sis­tant or helper at work that will go the ex­tra mile for you. Ask plenty of ques­tions in or­der to un­der­stand some­thing that has been go­ing on with­out your knowl­edge. You may be en­cour­aged to ex­pand your think­ing with re­gard to ed­u­ca­tion. Per­haps it is time to teach or take a class just to test the wa­ters. A friend­ship or other con­nec­tion may be ready to end his or her in­volve­ment. Per­haps your in­tu­ition is work­ing for you and changes were not a big sur­prise. You will not have to worry for long be­cause you make friends eas­ily. Your ro­man­tic ap­peal is strong to­day and if you are look­ing, you could find what you are look­ing for soon. Weather con­di­tions en­thrall you, so look hard, you might see some in­ter­est­ing pat­terns.

PISCES 19 FEB – 20 MAR You will be­gin to find your­self dig­ging for an­swers to­day that you never knew you re­ally cared about be­fore. It could be that you are feel­ing more pro­tec­tive or proud of your pro­fes­sional sta­tus and are seek­ing to main­tain or im­prove your po­si­tion. Avoid men­tal power strug­gles with oth­ers. En­cour­age­ment from oth­ers and the in­ter­change of ideas spark your en­ergy and help to cre­ate or teach an up­beat frame of mind. Re­mem­ber that the mind can achieve what­ever it can con­ceive. This could be an in­ner joy, bal­ance, laugh­ter, let­ting go, for­give­ness, etc. You will see how im­por­tant it is to in­te­grate pos­i­tive el­e­ments into your life. Read some self­help books and learn some light­hearted and fun one-liner say­ings that will help you with this in­te­gra­tion.

ARIES 21 MAR – 19 APR You are ready to un­der­stand what comes next in your life and you seem ea­ger to get down to busi­ness. Con­flicts at work may have you wish­ing every­one would be­come bet­ter or­ga­nized. The im­me­di­ate au­thor­ity fig­ure is easy for you to un­der­stand and work with but there are many in­ter­rup­tions that cause con­fus­ing mes­sages from higher-ups. You do well to fo­cus on the projects at your desk and com­plete your tasks by quit­ting time. A friend, who al­ways asks for help, now wants to help you this af­ter­noon. You and your friends will be able to visit and en­joy ac­tiv­i­ties to­gether. There are com­par­isons of jobs, fam­ily, chil­dren, homes and health--healthy com­pe­ti­tions are fun. You en­joy the op­por­tu­nity to in­ter­act with your friends.

– TAURUS 20 APR 20 MAY There is a chance to un­der­stand those around you as you work to be­come as pa­tient as pos­si­ble. Some peo­ple just need a boost in the right di­rec­tion and that may be the case to­day. Lunch with a co-worker may have you talk­ing over past trips that you have each taken and the high­lights you en­joyed. There is a feel­ing of sup­port and ca­ma­raderie that you did not know could ex­ist in the work­place to­day. Help­ing a friend this af­ter­noon may give you some pro­duc­tive ideas for your­self. You may find your­self talk­a­tive with young peo­ple this even­ing. Your laugh­ter is en­cour­ag­ing to all who are around you. Cel­e­bra­tions are easy to find, if one is look­ing. Re­spect your lim­its and sep­a­rate your­self from these young peo­ple in time to cud­dle with your loved one.

– GEMINI 21 MAY 21 JUN On the busi­ness front, you may have a great deal of trou­ble try­ing to come in first in some busi­ness com­pe­ti­tion, es­pe­cially if there is a showy, high-en­ergy, fast-talk­ing type of in­di­vid­ual. How­ever, when one ob­serves your en­dur­ing pa­tience and the way you fol­low through with your re­spon­si­bil­i­ties, you have them all beat. You are de­ter­mined to see some project through to the end and you will not let oth­ers flat­ten your am­bi­tion. A dream or wish you had some time ago may now come true. Your cheer­ful­ness is ap­pre­ci­ated. You are able to boost some­one's low spirit to­day. If you are will­ing to re­lax and just let life flow to you as it will, you could be in for ex­cel­lent op­por­tu­ni­ties. You will prob­a­bly spend a ro­man­tic even­ing with some­one spe­cial.

– CAN­CER 22 JUN 22 JUL There is a false sense of ur­gency to­day. You may feel that you want to dive into sit­u­a­tions that are over your head--money mat­ters or ar­gu­ments may oc­cur. Then you might won­der what got you into the hot wa­ter in the first place. Pay at­ten­tion to those feel­ings that have you need­ing to jump to the call so quickly. You can dash to the needs of oth­ers if you want, but there are many false calls-lis­ten first. There are ex­tra work op­por­tu­ni­ties as well as travel op­por­tu­ni­ties just now. There could also be some un­ex­pected ex­penses as well. It may be wise to just say no to any ex­tracur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties. Other op­por­tu­ni­ties will come up later to achieve, ex­pand your knowl­edge and move up­ward. Be­gin to think about a fo­cus for your en­er­gies.

– LEO 23 JUL 22 AUG You may want to reeval­u­ate your think­ing now, par­tic­u­larly with re­gard to some changes you want to present to higher-ups. Your in­spi­ra­tion and imag­i­na­tion will guide you. Your su­pe­ri­ors are watch­ing the way that you han­dle your­self. Oth­ers may dis­agree with your think­ing--care­ful. Be­lieve in your­self so that oth­ers will be­lieve in you too. Your job can bring you a great deal of sat­is­fac­tion so be wise: pace your­self, be a good sport and know that your op­por­tu­nity will come. Your wit is only one of the nec­es­sary el­e­ments to your peace­ful­ness. You may want to take some­one along on a shop­ping trip this af­ter­noon. Your choices in co­or­di­nat­ing col­ors and styles are unique and the in­put from a friend can be en­cour­ag­ing. It is time for some­thing new.

– VIRGO 23 AUG 22 SEP If a new busi­ness idea is go­ing to work, it may take some plan­ning. You could re­ceive an award and then have it taken back be­cause of some tech­ni­cal­ity. You will find ways to get around most dif­fi­cul­ties to­day. The big­gest les­son this month is in learn­ing how to move for­ward and al­low for de­lays, dis­trac­tions, can­cel­la­tions, etc. You are not slowed by much and you should not stop to make a point. In­stead, ex­press your ideas through your work and the way in which you work. Things may seem al­most mag­i­cal in the way they work out in your fa­vor. A young per­son may be an ir­ri­tat­ing fac­tor this af­ter­noon. You may have to stop and give all your at­ten­tion over to just lis­ten­ing. You will find very lit­tle else is needed. The time you spend in lis­ten­ing is ap­pre­ci­ated.

– LIBRA 23 SEP 22 OCT This is a good time for clear de­lib­er­a­tion and solv­ing any prob­lem. You are in a se­ri­ous frame of mind and find your­self deal­ing with mat­ters of much con­cern and re­spon­si­bil­ity. Your view­point may take some ad­just­ing to­day. Any project that has seemed slow will be­gin to im­prove now. This is a time you can re­ally throw your­self into your work. The aca­dem­i­cally in­clined should do well just now--there is also a boost in travel prospects. Com­mu­nity ac­tiv­i­ties this af­ter­noon may fit into your sched­ule. You have a need to be re­spected and you will achieve this as you or­ga­nize peo­ple and en­cour­age a group in their ef­forts to ef­fect some sort of pos­i­tive change in the com­mu­nity. There are some ex­cit­ing and in­tel­li­gent new friends com­ing your way.

– SCORPIO 23 OCT 21 NOV You may feel blocked as oth­ers could make it dif­fi­cult for you to ex­press your­self. Bide your time and amaz­ing things hap­pen. A prob­lem is solved, a phone call is sup­port­ive and an af­ter­noon snack is yummy, etc. As you look for ways to help im­prove a sit­u­a­tion . . . You suc­ceed. This could be as sim­ple as clean­ing away old files or help­ing to or­ga­nize a meet­ing. There is a lot of en­ergy avail­able for dis­ci­plined work. Find the time to have a side in­ter­est such as a sec­ond job, vol­un­teer work, char­ity, hobby, etc. Use your cre­ative­ness! You will ben­e­fit from re­lax­ing in the evenings and en­joy­ing the fam­ily. This even­ing you find your­self feel­ing more pri­vate and in a stay-at-home mood. You might ex­per­i­ment with fla­vor­ing pop­corn.

– SAGITTARIUS 22 NOV 21 DEC Money will come to you through other peo­ple or through your loved one's in­vest­ments. Earn­ings are strong and new op­por­tu­ni­ties come through your con­tacts with other peo­ple. There are some new ideas and new plans about what you want to do re­gard­ing re­li­gion and char­ity work. You may want to work to­ward set­ting up some plans to help a par­tic­u­lar fam­ily or group. You see your­self in a bet­ter light than for­merly and with this self-es­teem comes the de­sire to help oth­ers. Break­throughs in com­pas­sion and fel­low­ship come to­day. Ev­ery­thing points to your be­ing mo­ti­vated. You could feel great sup­port from those around you and could have many peo­ple im­i­tat­ing your ideas. You con­cen­trate on diet needs this even­ing.

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