The Dark Tower

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Eleven-year-old Jake Cham­bers ex­pe­ri­ences vi­sions in­volv­ing a Man in Black who seeks to de­stroy a Tower and bring ruin to the world, and a Gun­slinger who op­poses him. Jake's mother, step­fa­ther, and psy­chi­a­trists dis­miss these as dreams re­sult­ing from the trauma of his fa­ther's death the pre­vi­ous year.

At his apart­ment home in New York City, a group of work­ers from an al­leged psy­chi­atric fa­cil­ity of­fer to re­ha­bil­i­tate Jake; rec­og­niz­ing them from his vi­sions as mon­sters wear­ing hu­man skin, he flees. Jake tracks down an aban­doned house from one of his vi­sions, dis­cov­ers a high-tech por­tal, and trav­els to a post-apoc­a­lyp­tic world called Mid-World.

In Mid-World, Jake en­coun­ters the last Gun­slinger, Roland Deschain who emerged in his vi­sions. Roland is pur­su­ing Wal­ter Padick, the Man in Black who had also ap­peared in his dreams across a desert, seek­ing to kill him in re­venge for the mur­der of his fa­ther, Steven. He ex­plains that Wal­ter has been ab­duct­ing psy­chic chil­dren, and is at­tempt­ing to use their pow­ers to de­stroy the Dark Tower, a fa­bled struc­ture lo­cated at the cen­ter of the uni­verse; this will al­low mon­sters from the dark­ness out­side to in­vade and de­stroy re­al­ity.

Roland takes Jake to a vil­lage to have his vi­sions in­ter­preted by a seer. Learn­ing of Jake's es­cape and jour­ney to Mid-World, Wal­ter in­ves­ti­gates, and re­al­izes that Jake has enough psy­chic po­ten­tial to de­stroy the Tower sin­gle-hand­edly. He kills Jake's step­fa­ther, then in­ter­ro­gates his mother about his vi­sions and kills her. In Mid-World, the seer ex­plains that Roland can find Wal­ter's base of op­er­a­tions in New York.

Wal­ter's min­ions, the Ta­heen, at­tack the vil­lage, but Roland kills them. Roland and Jake re­turn to Earth. When Jake re­turns home to check in on his par­ents, he finds their re­mains and breaks down. Roland vows to avenge


them and com­forts Jake by teach­ing him the Gun­slinger's creed and the ba­sics of gun fight­ing.

While Roland re-arms him­self at a gun store, Wal­ter cap­tures Jake. At his base, he straps Jake to a ma­chine, in­tend­ing for him to de­stroy the Tower. Jake uses his psy­chic pow­ers to alert Roland to his lo­ca­tion, and Roland bat­tles his way through Wal­ter's hench­men.

Wal­ter con­fronts Roland, wound­ing him. Af­ter Jake re­minds him of the Gun­slinger's creed, Roland re­cov­ers and kills Wal­ter with a trick shot af­ter a brief fight. Roland de­stroys the ma­chine, sav­ing the Tower, Jake and the other chil­dren. Af­ter­wards, Roland says that he must re­turn to his own world. He of­fers Jake a place by his side as his com­pan­ion, which Jake ac­cepts. The two de­part for Mid-World. Clas­si­fi­ca­tion 12A

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