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An im­por­tant re­la­tion­ship, per­haps with an older per­son or some­one in au­thor­ity, may come into fo­cus to­day. It may be hard to con­cen­trate on the busi­ness-world is­sues. There could be some need for a com­pro­mise or some form of ne­go­ti­a­tion, but this is some­thing that you are able to en­joy. There is an op­por­tu­nity for un­der­stand­ing and growth–you will need to give a project your spe­cial at­ten­tion. You may find that both your per­sonal growth and your ca­reer may de­pend upon how you can han­dle the very sen­si­tive psy­cho­log­i­cal ma­te­rial com­ing up now. You will ben­e­fit from an­a­lyt­i­cal in­sights. Take your al­lo­cated breaks and know that work will pro­ceed at the proper rate of speed. Friends or fam­ily can be a great boost to your en­ergy level this evening.


Some­times you ask too many ques­tions– some­times you do not ask enough. To­day will be a great day to learn the dif­fer­ence–lis­ten care­fully. This point-of-know­ing may come through a book, another per­son’s ren­di­tion of an ex­pe­ri­ence or your own ex­pe­ri­ence in a le­gal mat­ter. Not to worry, you will not suf­fer any ill ef­fects. You ra­di­ate much en­ergy and you en­joy work­ing within groups to­day. You put forth great ef­fort to pro­vide in­for­ma­tion to those that do not seem to have any idea of how to do re­search. You just may have to ac­cept the fact that peo­ple like to feel your warmth. A vis­i­tor in your home this evening needs to know that you will only have a cer­tain amount of time to give this per­son–oth­er­wise, you might have a guest for much too long.


You seem to shine when it comes to prac­ti­cal mat­ters or those in­volv­ing work and ca­reer. You have an easy way with su­pe­ri­ors or those in au­thor­ity and can al­ways man­age to get the most out of any skill or abil­ity you have. Use your tal­ent for see­ing both sides of a sit­u­a­tion and present the pros and cons through­out the process of a meet­ing, lec­ture, etc., per­haps a few charts as well. You may be com­bin­ing art with work these days . . . You cer­tainly like your work and hobby or art com­bined. Any prob­lems to­day are val­ued for the lessons they rep­re­sent, rather than per­ceived as ob­sta­cles. Bud­get­ing, in­vest­ments and all that brings profit are on your mind now. A loved one comes on strong this evening and a new ex­pe­ri­ence can be en­joyed.


You are at your men­tal best with sharp ideas and clear thoughts. You will be suc­cess­ful in your at­tempt to make de­ci­sions and take care of men­tal work. Your fine ver­bal skills and a nat­u­ral sense of jus­tice make le­gal work a dis­tinct pos­si­bil­ity. Work­ing with laws, nat­u­ral or man­made, amounts to a real tal­ent. You are able to guide su­pe­ri­ors through some sen­si­tive sit­u­a­tions to­day. You also have a great in­ter­est in ideas; the closer they are to pos­i­tive re­sults the more im­pres­sive. You dis­cover the true feel­ings of another this evening and de­cide it is time to move for­ward with your own ideas. This is a full day with much com­mu­ni­ca­tion. You spend time in clear­ing away the clut­ter this af­ter­noon. You en­joy work­ing with your mind and eas­ily find quick so­lu­tions.


You would be wise to be pa­tient and tread a lit­tle lightly when it comes to in­dul­gence and overex­tend­ing your­self. Things could be tight. Your ca­reer and life di­rec­tion are putting some real pres­sure on your home and emo­tional life. Ob­vi­ously you can­not live with­out both, so some kind of self-con­trol on your part is in­di­cated. You may have trou­ble with sub­or­di­nates or young peo­ple in the work­place to­day. This may mean deal­ing with the public or deal­ing with new em­ploy­ees that have a lot of ques­tions. Self-sac­ri­fice and an un­der­stand­ing at­ti­tude on your part, how­ever, could have far-reach­ing ef­fects on your own life-path and ca­reer. Plan­ning a fam­ily out­ing for this up­com­ing week­end could be fun, and a good move.


Men­tal pat­terns and com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills play a ma­jor role in your life to­day–they can change things for­ever. Make sure you de­velop your high­est po­ten­tial in these ar­eas. A new co-worker may mis­un­der­stand or a co-worker friend may be dif­fi­cult to get along with and cause you to re-think your words. Step back and see the sit­u­a­tion dif­fer­ently . . . Look at the big­ger pic­ture. Don’t as­sume any­thing, just be pa­tient. All will be­come clear in time and your work will not suf­fer. You have a pos­i­tive at­ti­tude and will be able to share your pos­i­tive think­ing a lit­tle later in the day. That in­ner self-con­fi­dence burns with its own light. There is an in­creas­ing in­ner con­fi­dence that will help you to be help­ful when others need you. Fam­ily mat­ters are fun this evening.


You are ready for work but there just seem to be too many projects for now. There is a push to ac­com­plish your goals the first part of this week. If you find in­ter­rup­tions ex­as­per­at­ing, you may want to put a note on your desk that says, work­ing . . . Please leave a mes­sage. The word for your feel­ing now is achieve­ment. If there is a job, you can do it! You pour your­self into any task with ab­so­lute de­ter­mi­na­tion. You are or­ga­nized and able to take care of busi­ness. Sprin­kle your con­ver­sa­tions with your sense of hu­mor this evening. Loved ones will re­spond in like form. You may find your­self re­turn­ing a fa­vor later this evening: tak­ing care of chil­dren, run­ning er­rands. New in­for­ma­tion about im­prov­ing your health is avail­able.


There is an in­stinc­tive need to be pow­er­ful and in con­trol this day. Be care­ful that you do not be­come too pushy right now–things may not hap­pen on your time sched­ule. Pay at­ten­tion to your in­tu­ition; a hunch could lead you into some very pos­i­tive places, with an­swers to dif­fi­cult work prob­lems never thought of be­fore. Your in­creas­ing in­ner con­fi­dence helps you emerge from a time of self-doubt into a time of trust and de­pen­dence re­gard­ing your own choices. Af­firm to your­self of­ten that you de­serve, and are grate­ful for, the pros­per­ity and per­haps the abun­dance that comes your way. This evening your sense of prac­ti­cal­ity is strong and you feel lov­ing and re­laxed with your loved ones. There is chat­ter about an up­com­ing so­cial party.


You could be most per­sua­sive with others, and ex­pres­sive in your speech. If you are in the sales pro­fes­sion you will find this day a pro­duc­tive one. This is also a great time to work in groups. You have new ideas and the free­dom to put them to work for you. There is a suc­cess­ful out­come on the hori­zon. You may have been think­ing about in­volv­ing your­self in some hu­man­i­tar­ian group–per­haps as sim­ple as green­peace. Now is a good time to pur­sue these ex­tra­or­di­nary av­enues. Some of your friends may have had those same de­sires and in your com­mu­ni­ca­tions to­day you may gain some fo­cus along this line. Fam­ily mem­bers are all scat­tered this evening. Re­lax and just en­joy the evening. This is a good day..


You could be seen by others as the right per­son to be put in charge of some project. By al­lo­cat­ing some of the time-con­sum­ing things that slow you down, you will be able to forge ahead with your work. You gain the re­wards for your hard work, whether it is from some spec­u­la­tion or from the time you put in on some project. Be sure to com­pli­ment the ones that help you along your way. You are a de­light to all around you, as usual. It is good to see the progress you have made. Beat­ing the odds through clev­er­ness is ap­peal­ing and this may lead to an in­ter­est in all kinds of fi­nan­cial spec­u­la­tion this af­ter­noon. There are op­por­tu­ni­ties to be with your friends tonight. A lover or child who is bright and ar­tic­u­late may gain your at­ten­tion in pos­i­tive ways.


Be­ing more prac­ti­cal and con­sci­en­tious is of spe­cial im­por­tance now. Tak­ing care of the nec­es­sary un­der­pin­nings of life health, work, etc. Be­comes a greater pre­oc­cu­pa­tion. Witty lit­tle apho­risms like “no-pain, no-gain” will be your mo­ti­va­tion to fol­low through on your goals. Sort­ing things out and get­ting them or­ga­nized to ut­most ef­fi­ciency keeps you busy. You are in a mood of self-en­joy­ment and can ap­pre­ci­ate your own bet­ter qual­i­ties this af­ter­noon. You may see value in or feel love for an older per­son or some­one in au­thor­ity. Your in­ner re­sources and emo­tions are ac­cented. Ex­pect a sense of sup­port and good will from those around you. You are moved to ap­pre­ci­ate and dis­cover the beauty in your life and in those around you.


A bur­den­some busi­ness project fi­nally comes to an end–never fear, there are bet­ter projects on the hori­zon. Your in­tu­ition is strong and can guide you ac­cu­rately in mak­ing fore­casts or de­ci­sions. Your sen­si­tiv­ity makes you re­coil from ag­gres­sive types. Cir­cum­stances, how­ever, can throw you into a few tough sit­u­a­tions. You will be able to win the com­pe­ti­tion, out­fox the fox or un­cover the se­cret code! This may mean deal­ing with ed­u­ca­tion, psy­chol­ogy, spir­i­tual en­light­en­ment or teach­ing prin­ci­ples and tech­niques. Your artis­tic tal­ents are show­ing, es­pe­cially while teach­ing young peo­ple this af­ter­noon. Your imag­i­na­tion is cru­cial to your func­tion­ing. This evening is a good time for sur­round­ing your­self with friends and young peo­ple.

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