World’s first beer swim­ming pools opened at Aus­tria

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The Schloss Starken­berger brew­ery in Tar­rentz, Aus­tria has come up with some­thing amaz­ing – world’s first beer swim­ming pools.

There are seven 13ft pools, full of beer, which can be vis­ited for £200 per two-hour ses­sion. The pools are known for their health ben­e­fits along with the po­ten­tial 42,000 pints to con­sume in to­tal. Cal­cium and vi­ta­mins present in beer is ben­e­fi­cial for treat­ing the skin con­di­tions. It also helps to in­crease the blood cir­cu­la­tion and the hops are said to have a calm­ing im­pact on body and soul.

Vis­i­tors can sip fresh glasses of beer while bathing, but are cau­tioned against drink­ing the pool beer, be­cause of the heat, and also due to it be­ing full of sweaty peo­ple. Also be­cause, the pools are not cleaned af­ter the dip.

The pools sit in the cel­lar of the 700-year-old Starken­berger Cas­tle and has more than thir­teen beers avail­able in the cas­tle’s brew­ery.

The own­ers de­cided to put the vats into good use in 2005 af­ter they be­came ob­so­lete. In the cas­tle’s cel­lar, artist Wern­fried Poschusta mod­i­fied the old fer­men­ta­tion rooms. Af­ter they were opened in 2005, the pools be­came pop­u­lar amongst the tourists.

There is a whisky dis­tillery to re­ju­ve­nate your­self if you feel sick af­ter the beer bath.

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