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Last week this pa­per re­ported ex­clu­sively that Malta ended up ranked at 49th place out of 85 cities for star­tups.

This emerged from a study done by the fur­nished apart­ment plat­form Nest­pick which an­a­lysed 85 cities on a va­ri­ety of is­sues which would im­pact a start-up.

The only is­sue or as­pect in which Malta emerged as bet­ter than its com­peti­tors was the fact that Malta (and Aus­tria) have more hol­i­days. Hardly a re­ally com­pet­i­tive as­pect.

We re­ported that Val­letta Malta is ranked at 49th.

Its startup ecosys­tem is ranked as 2.88.

Its salary for project man­age­ment at startup level is $23,644 and for ex­pe­ri­enced work­ers at $53,628.

Its salary for tech­ni­cal lev­els is $25,982 at en­try level and $61,642.

As for mar­ket­ing, its en­try level salary is $20,371 and $47,102 for ex­pe­ri­enced per­sons.

So­cial Se­cu­rity and Ben­e­fits is classed at 3.36 as re­gards In­come Tax, 4.93 as re­gards health care qual­ity and 5.00 as re­gards va­ca­tion days.

Cost of Liv­ing is classed at 3.99.

As re­gards qual­ity of liv­ing, equal­ity is classed at 2.53 and safety at 4.18.

This doesn’t half be­gin to ex­plain the find­ings. Just be­fore Val­letta there is Mi­lan, Tokyo and Brus­sels and just be­hind Val­letta there is Toulouse, Shang­hai and Brus­sels.

The start-up ecosys­tem rank­ing for Val­letta is 2.88 whereas it is 4.10 in the case of Mi­lan and 4.14 in the case of Tokyo.

The salaries to be ob­tained in Malta seem at a first glance on the low side: project man­age­ment at start-up level is $23,644 (Mi­lan: $32,000; Tokyo $26,000); at tech­ni­cal level is $25,982 (Mi­lan: $27,449; Tokyo: $47,486); in mar­ket­ing it is $20,371 (Mi­lan: $25,125; Tokyo: $31,258).

The real dif­fer­en­ti­a­tion comes when one con­sid­ers in­come tax, in which Malta was given a rat­ing of 3.36 (bet­ter than Mi­lan at 2.59 and Tokyo at 2.81 but worse that top placed Sin­ga­pore at 4.91 but bet­ter than sec­ond placed Helsinki at 1.96.

With re­gards to health­care qual­ity Malta was given a rank­ing of 4.93 (Mi­lan at 4.99 and Tokyo at 4.84) whereas Sin­ga­pore at 4.91 is lower and Helsinki is lower still at 4.52.

When it comes to hol­i­days, Malta, as said, to­gether with Vi­enna, beats all com­pe­ti­tion.

As re­gards the cost of liv­ing, Malta ranks at 3.99 whereas pricey Mi­lan ranks at 3.70 and pricier still Tokyo ranks at 3.36.

The last two col­umns re­gard qual­ity of liv­ing where Malta ranks at 2.53 as re­gards equal­ity and a high 4.18 as re­gards safety. Mi­lan ranks 2.53 and 3.26 re­spec­tively and Tokyo 1.64 and 4.78 re­spec­tively. Sin­ga­pore ranks 3.29 and an as­tound­ing 5.00 for safety. And we thought Malta was safe enough.

The end re­sult is that … Val­letta ranked at the 49th place out of 85 cities. This is sim­ply not good enough. When peo­ple con­sider re­lo­cat­ing, they con­sider such ta­bles which be­come de­ter­min­ing in the choices they make.

This is not some­thing where we look at the gov­ern­ment and de­mand it takes ac­tion. This is some­thing where we all can and should lend a help­ing hand.

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