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Beau­ti­ful jew­ellery for a no­ble cause. This charm sil­ver bracelet is part of the “Pa­trick Mavros Mau­ri­tian Wildlife En­demic Col­lec­tion”, just like its match­ing pen­dant. There are eight charms on the bracelet rep­re­sent­ing en­demic birds and rep­tiles of Mauritius. These species also fea­ture in­di­vid­u­ally as pen­dants. Part of the pro­ceeds of these jew­els are do­nated to the Mau­ri­tian Wildlife Foun­da­tion, which works to pro­tect local en­demic species.

On sale ex­clu­sively at Pa­trick Mavros, Beau Plan.为高尚之目的佩戴的华­丽珠宝。如同其配套吊坠,这款迷人的银色手镯是“帕特里克·莫里斯野生动物特有珍­藏品”的一部分。手镯镌刻八个护身符,代表毛里求斯特有的鸟­类和爬行动物。每个物种对应不同吊坠。这些珠宝的部分销售收­入捐赠给致力于保护当­地特有物种的毛里求斯­野生动物基金会。由布博兰制糖厂的帕特­里克·莫里斯独家销售。


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