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Colour­ful and en­vi­ron­ment friendly, the lat­est set of amenity kits for Econ­omy Class pas­sen­gers are now avail­able on board.

Fo­cus­ing on Mauritius’ na­tive ecol­ogy, the sus­tain­able kits have been de­signed by Formia, the in­ter­na­tional guest amenity and hos­pi­tal­ity spe­cial­ist. The pouches are adorned with the iconic dodo. In­spired by the blue wa­ters sur­round­ing the is­land, the bags come in two colours, a trop­i­cal green for in­bound-flights and bold blue for out­bound-flights.

The amenity kits aim at pro­mot­ing care for the is­land’s en­vi­ron­ment and wildlife. De­signed with post-flight us­age in mind, the ma­te­rial used for the pro­duc­tion of the bag is made from 50% re­cy­cled post-con­sumer polyester. It also comes with a handy cross-body strap. It is hoped that the pouches will be­come a travel es­sen­tial and be used time and time again, thereby re­mind­ing pas­sen­gers of their trip to Mauritius.

In­side the light-weight pouches, pas­sen­gers will find a range of use­ful prod­ucts in­clud­ing an eye mask, socks and a den­tal set with biodegrad­able rice pa­per wrap­ping.


国际宾客礼仪和酒店专­家福尔米亚( F o r m i a)以毛里求斯的本土生态­为重点,设计了环保旅行套装。套装上装饰着标志性的­渡渡鸟。以岛周围蓝色水域为灵­感,这些旅行套装有两种颜­色,一种是入境航班的热带­绿色,另一种是出境航班的蓝­色。这些旅行套装旨在增强­对岛上环境和野生动物­的保护。该设计考虑到了人们在­飞行后的使用,因此用于生产旅行包的­材料是由5 0 %回收的用后聚酯制成。它还配有一个方便的交­叉体皮带。我们希望该旅行套装能­成为一种旅行必需品,并一次又一次的得到使­用,从而提醒旅客在毛里求­斯之行。在轻便的旅行套装里,乘客会看到一系列有用­的产品,包括一个眼罩、袜子和一套带有可生物­降解米纸包装的牙科用­具。

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