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The idea is to give wood a new life by shap­ing old pieces into use­ful or dec­o­ra­tive ob­jects. SaltS­tu­dio com­bines cre­ativ­ity and wood­work­ing tech­niques to pro­duce unique ob­jects, such as these cut­ting boards or cheese boards. 85% of the ma­te­ri­als used come from local species and re­cy­cled wood. SaltS­tu­dio also man­u­fac­tures lamp bases, rus­tic fur­ni­ture, kitchen ob­jects ( bowls, salad bowls, blocks) and other sculpted and dec­o­ra­tive ob­jects.

On sale at Imiloa (Grand Baie), Café de la Presse (Port Louis), La bou­tique du Château de Labour­don­nais, Sa But­tega Pin­tadera ( Ta­marin), Ebony For­est (Chamarel) and La Bou­tique de L`Ar­ti­giano.该理念旨在将木头塑造­成有用的或装饰性的物­品来赋予它们新的生命。S a l t St u d i o融入创意和木工技术,生产出独特的物品,如这些砧板或奶酪板。使用的材料8 5 %源自当地树种和回收木­材。S a l t St u d i o还生产灯座、乡村家具、厨房用品(碗、色拉盘、积木)和其它雕刻和装饰品。如需选购,请前往I m o l i a(大湾)、C a f é d e l a

P r e s s e(路易港)、L a b o u t i q u e d u C h a t e a u d e L a b o u r d o n n a i s与S a B u t t e g a P i n t a d e r a(塔马兰)、乌木森林(沙马雷勒)及L a B o u t i q u e d e L` A r t i g i a n o。

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