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For marine life lovers, these Manoa board­shorts for men are made from 100% re­cy­cled plas­tic bot­tles. The ex­clu­sive de­signs are co­pro­duced with Mau­ri­tian artists. Manoa also chose a non-pol­lut­ing print­ing tech­nique and pack­ag­ing made from re­cy­cled sails. Part of the pro­ceeds go to Reef Con­ser­va­tion for the pro­tec­tion of our la­goons. Avail­able at The Cor­ner by Manoa or ESSA in Grand- Baie,

Nisatho at Ruis­seau Créole, Rivière Noire, Son of Kite in La Gaulette, S’mall and Chic in Curepipe and in some ho­tel shops.对于海洋生物爱好者来­说,这些马诺阿男士泳裤由­10 0 %回收塑料瓶制成。与毛里求斯艺术家共同­制作的独家设计。马诺阿还选择无污染的­印刷技术和由回收帆制­成的包装。销售收入的一部分将捐­赠给珊瑚礁保护组织,以保护我们的泻湖。这些泳裤可以在大湾的­T h e C o r n e r b y M a n o a或E S S A,卢伊梭克里奥尔购物中­心的N i s a t h o,拉戈莱特的黑河区、S o n o f K i t e,居尔皮普的S’m a l l & C h i c,以及一些酒店商场购买。

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