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This pho­tog­ra­phy book is a digest of some of the small trea­sures of na­ture that make up the Mau­ri­tian ter­ri­tory. Pa­trick Laver­dant, a pas­sion­ate pho­tog­ra­pher, re­veals the beat­ing heart of an is­land, only seen by those who look closely enough. In the wide shots of a few breath-tak­ing land­scapes, the de­tailed rough­ness of a co­ral and the in­cred­i­ble weav­ing of aloe leaves, beauty pre­vails. It beau­ti­fully suc­ceeds in putting na­ture, which our eyes don’t seem to ap­pre­ci­ate any­more, right back in its place. The heart of the is­land re­veals it­self on each and ev­ery page through ev­ery stone and plant, an ex­plo­sion of pat­terns, colours, lines and strokes, spi­rals and lat­tices. A book of pho­to­graphs that com­pares bet­ter to po­etry than it does to post cards.自然一本相簿和一部描­述部分毛里求斯小型天­然宝藏的文摘。充满热情的摄影师Pa t r i c k L a ve rd a n t通过对惊人风景的广­角摄影、珊瑚的粗糙细节或缠结­交织的芦荟叶揭示了岛­屿跳动的心脏。岛屿的心脏通过岩石和­植物、爆炸式的外形、颜色、线条、螺旋和方格体现出来。


Af­ter Ludo le Dodo (Ludo the Dodo), author Cé­line Chowa and il­lus­tra­tor Henry Koombes have de­cided to re­lease an­other fun and ed­u­ca­tional book for chil­dren aged 6 to 13. It is an in­vi­ta­tion to dis­cover the ebony for­est in Chamarel, in the south­west of the is­land, and a large part of the Mau­ri­tian en­demic flora and fauna through en­ter­tain­ment and games (origami, cross­words, ex­per­i­ments, stick­ers, rid­dles, etc.). It is a way of learn­ing that dif­fers from reg­u­lar read­ing and stim­u­lates the cu­rios­ity of our young read­ers. The Vizavi pub­lish­ing house did a good job by rais­ing aware­ness about the eco­log­i­cal chal­lenges we face in Mauritius among young peo­ple, and by high­light­ing the fragility of its ecosys­tem. Fans of Tik­oulou, the local hero of the well-known il­lus­trated book se­ries, will be de­lighted to fol­low him in this 100% eco-friendly ad­ven­ture.

Book avail­able at Ebony For­est only.黑檀林在作家C é l i n e C h o w a 和插图画家H e n r y Ko o m b e s 出版L u d o le D o d o(渡渡鸟卢多)后,他们又一次出版了一部­面向 6 - 13 岁儿童的有趣读物。该书通过娱乐和游戏(折纸、纵横字谜、实验、贴纸、谜语等)激励小读者们探索沙马­雷勒( C h a m a re l )的黑檀林,以及毛里求斯当地的动­植物。因此,V i z a v i 出版社希望提高年轻人­对毛里求斯面临的绿色­挑战的认识。出自当地图书系列的 T i ko u l o u的拥趸们可以跟随他­们的英雄踏入 10 0 %环保的冒险。书籍仅可在黑檀林购买。

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