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This rav­ish­ing cook­book will take you on a jour­ney around the In­dian Ocean is­lands, that in­cludes the flavours from the colour­ful mar­kets of Mauritius, the aro­matic spice gar­dens of the Sey­chelles, the fish­ing coasts of the Mal­dives, the la­goons of May­otte and the forests of Mada­gas­car. Selina Pe­ri­ampil­lai, born in Lon­don but of Mau­ri­tian de­scent, cel­e­brates the vi­brant home-cooking of the is­lands, with 80 sim­ple recipes, from quick mid-week sup­pers to large rum-fu­elled gath­er­ings. The book pub­lished by Blooms­bury, fea­tures beau­ti­ful food pho­tog­ra­phy by Yuki Suguira and other il­lus­tra­tions. Avail­able on Ama­zon and Book­court li­braries.一部令人陶醉的食谱,借助来自丰富多彩的毛­里求斯市场、塞舌尔地区芳香的香料­园、马尔代夫的渔业海岸、马约特岛的礁湖和马达­加斯加的丛林的各种风­味,让您踏上游历印度洋诸­岛的旅程。S e l i n a Pe r i a m p i l l a i 生于伦敦,有毛里求斯血统,特别重视岛上的家常菜,书中提供了 8 0种简单食谱,从快速的周中晚餐到有­朗姆酒助兴的大型集会­均有涉及。本书的出版商为B l o o m s b u r y,其中的照片由 Yu k i S u g u i ra 拍摄。本书在A m a z o n 和 B o o kc o u r t商店均有售。

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