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Ac­cord­ing to Ni­co­las Gold­stein of the Mauritius Start-up In­cu­ba­tor, Mau­ri­tian start-ups need Suc­cess Sto­ries to pro­mote the sec­tor to for­eign in­vestors. “We do have a few at the local level, for ex­am­ple Ta­len­teum (a re­mote African tal­ent agency), PriceGuru, Mar­iDeal, ex­, Eco-War­riors. But the key to en­cour­ag­ing for­eign star­tups to set­tle down and share their knowledge is to take these suc­cess sto­ries to a global level.” In his opin­ion, Mauritius also needs to fur­ther de­velop its po­si­tion as a Hub for Africa.成功案例毛里求斯初创­企业孵化器创始人尼古­拉斯•戈尔茨坦表示,毛里求斯初创企业需要­成功案例,以向外国投资者推介该­行业。“在毛里求斯有一些成功­案例,如Ta l e n t e u m , P r i c e G u r u,M a r i D e a l, e x p a t . c o m,E c o - Wa r r i o r s等。但鼓励外国初创企业落­户毛里求斯的关键,是将这些成功案例推广­至全球。”他认为,毛里求斯还需要进一步­发展其作为非洲中心的­地位。

Ni­co­las Gold­stein

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