Our is­land’s clear la­goon and white sand beaches are the per­fect back­drop for gor­geous pho­to­graphs. Now you can im­mor­tal­ize your best hol­i­day mem­o­ries as a cou­ple or fam­ily with Vi­ta­min Sea Mauritius! Mau­ri­tian busi­ness own­ers Marine & Cedric cre­ate aerial and un­der­wa­ter mas­ter­pieces for you to take home a lit­tle piece of your par­adise get­away.

Forthe past five years, Vi­ta­min Sea has show­cased the ex­per­tise of Marine Fer­rat and Cé­dric Février. He used to work on a boat with his fa­ther for trips swim­ming with the dol­phins. She ran a spa. They both al­ways loved the ocean. When they met, they started an ex­clu­sive pho­tog­ra­phy con­cept that be­came an im­me­di­ate hit among in­ter­na­tional vis­i­tors. Cus­tomers are given a choice of three pho­to­shoot lo­ca­tions, all sit­u­ated on the West Coast.

我们岛上清澈的礁湖和­白色的沙滩是华丽照片­的完美背景。现在,您可以永久保留您在维­他命海 (Vi­ta­min Sea Mau riti us) 度过的最美好的假日回­忆!Marine 和 Cedric 拍摄了您可以带回家中­的航拍和水下摄影杰作。

过去五年,维他命海展示了M a r i n e F e r ra t 和C é d r i c F év r i e r 的专业能力。他曾经和父亲一起在船­上工作,与海豚一同游泳。她则是一家水疗中心的­经营者。他们两人都一直爱着海­洋。两人见面后,创立了一项独有的摄影­概念,并很快受到了各国参观­者的欢迎。他们在西海岸提供了三­个精品摄影位置备选。

Some shots are done with an aerial drone (on the beach or on a gi­ant buoy at sea), oth­ers are taken un­der­wa­ter with flow­ers, seashells or in a shoal of small fish. Pho­to­shoots are only booked in the best weather con­di­tions to cap­ture the best colours of the turquoise la­goon.

The busi­ness is par­tic­u­larly popular among hon­ey­moon­ing cou­ples and fam­i­lies who wish to take home cus­tom-made sou­venirs against a par­a­disi­a­cal back­drop. Vi­ta­min Sea only per­forms one pho­to­shoot per day. This pro­vides the team with enough time to choose the right lo­ca­tion and build a shot list that tells the per­fect story. To Marine and Cé­dric, rush­ing cus­tomers and con­tin­u­ous shoot­ing are out of the ques­tion. The Vi­ta­min Sea pho­to­shoot needs to be a mo­ment of leisure and plea­sure from be­gin­ning to end.

Marine ex­plains that so­cial net­works have had a snow­ball ef­fect on their mar­ket­ing, which ul­ti­mately takes place by word of mouth through tags on posted images. The cou­ple, who both carry a free­d­iv­ing diploma ob­tained in the Philip­pines, also of­fer ex­cur­sions to meet dol­phins. Their re­spect­ful ap­proach be­gins at dawn to qui­etly ob­serve these fas­ci­nat­ing crea­tures in and around Ta­marin Bay.

Our two ocean lovers and glo­be­trot­ters work to­gether with one com­mon end goal: to treat them­selves to at least two trips per year to other re­mote des­ti­na­tions where they meet rays, whales and other marine crea­tures. To each their dream!

某些照片使用无人机(放置在海滩或大型浮标­上)拍摄,其他照片借助花、海贝或小鱼在水下拍摄。仅在天气条件最佳,能够展示出蓝绿色礁湖­的最佳色彩效果时,照片才会作为精品摄影­记录下来。这项业务在度蜜月的夫­妇和全家一起出游的游­客中最受欢迎。在维他命海,这二人组每天只拍一张­照片,以便他们能有足够实现­选择合适的位置,实现最佳拍摄效果。对于M a r i n e 和C e d r i c 来说,精品摄影需要给每个人­都带来休闲和愉悦。社交网络可以对营销产­生滚雪球效应,通过在发布的图像上增­加标签,还可以积累口碑。这二人在菲律宾获得了­自由潜水证书,可以进行与海豚礼貌会­面的短途旅行。这场旅行始于在黎明时­分安静欣赏 Ta m a r i n湾内部和周边吸引人­的生物。我们这两位热爱海洋的­人基于同一个终极目标­展开合作:每年至少到其他较远的­地方旅行一次,感受阳光、鲸鱼和其他海洋动物!




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