How to Deal with a Bro­ken Heart

A breakup can be in­cred­i­bly painful. Dis­cover some ways to ease the pain and find hap­pi­ness again

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It can re­ally turn your world up­side down if your beloved one breaks up with you. You lose your hand­hold and you can­not be­lieve you will ever be happy with­out him or her. Nev­er­the­less this feel­ing will pass by af­ter some time. In this ar­ti­cle I will give some sug­ges­tions to over­come this pe­riod of grief.

Ac­cept the fact that your brain is chem­i­cally out of bal­ance

and that it needs time to re­cover. Your brain plays games with you and that is why you can sud­denly have panic at­tacks. These mo­ments will pass by and they will be­come less of­ten in time.

Break off all the con­tact

with your beloved one, try not to think about him or her con­stantly and don’t fan­ta­size about get­ting back to­gether again. This will all dis­rupt the process of de­tach­ing.

Try not to take the rejection too per­son­ally.

If it would be per­sonal, he or she would never have started a re­la­tion­ship with you any­way.

re­sume an old hobby, clean up and or­ga­nize your house and un­der­take new ac­tiv­i­ties.

liv­ing in the past is very ex­haust­ing. Ask your­self what you re­ally want: a breakup can be an im­pulse for a new stage in your life.

Make a fresh start:

Fo­cus on your fu­ture:

Spend time with your friends

and talk about your feel­ings. Real friends will un­der­stand and sup­port you. Try to talk about other sub­jects too: it will dis­tract you and the time with your friends will be en­joy­able for them as well.

this can give you a dif­fer­ent mind­set. Go to a spa with a good friend: it will not only clean you phys­i­cally but also men­tally.

in­creases the feel-good chem­i­cals in your brains which re­duces stress. It will be dis­trac­tive as well.

Try to re­lax:

Work­ing out Re­al­ize that you are used to a daily dose of the cud­dle hor­mone oxy­tocin

and that you miss your shot. In this sense a re­la­tion­ship is cer­tainly ad­dic­tive and it takes time to get used to a lower dose. A mas­sage can help you to in­crease the level of oxy­tocin in your brain and it will also help you to re­lax.

Last but not least: al­low your­self to grieve.

It is es­sen­tial to re­spect your emo­tions and not to push them away. On the other hand you shouldn’t let them take over your daily func­tion­ing. Un­for­tu­nately some­times peo­ple slide into a de­pres­sion af­ter a breakup. If this hap­pens it is cru­cial to get pro­fes­sional help.

Rosan Ouwerkerk is a Dutch reg­is­tered psy­chother­a­pist and she runs a pri­vate prac­tice in Playa del Car­men. If you think her help is re­quired, you can con­tact her:

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