SAN DIE­GO across ti­jua­na’s bor­der

Ame­ri­ca’s fi­nest city, San Die­go was born du­ring the era of the Spa­nish mis­sio­na­ries, the de­ve­lop­ment of in­de­pen­dent Me­xi­co and the Ame­ri­can ex­pan­sion.

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If you look at the US-Me­xi­co bor­der from the air, the wes­tern­most tip of the Pa­ci­fic Ocean shows a lar­ge me­tro­po­li­tan area cros­sed by a ri­ver, a lar­ge bay and ex­ten­si­ve bea­ches and cliffs: it is a hu­ge me­tro­po­lis split in half by the bor­der bet­ween Ti­jua­na (Me­xi­co) and San Die­go (US).

Ti­jua­na In­ter­na­tio­nal Air­port is the main ga­te­way from our Me­xi­co in­to San Die­go, Ca­li­for­nia. It is li­te­rally next to the bor­der, and fif­teen mi­nu­tes from the San Ysi­dro and Otay bor­der cros­sings, whi­le soon the­re will be anot­her cros­sing for the ex­clu­si­ve use of air­port users for fas­ter entry in­to San Die­go.

San Die­go In­ter­na­tio­nal Air­port of­fers non-stop flights to Me­xi­co City via Vo­la­ris, and it con­nects to all of the main Ame­ri­can des­ti­na­tions, whi­le con­ve­niently lo­ca­ted clo­se to down­town.

San Die­go has a pri­vi­le­ged lo­ca­tion. It is two hours south of L.A. and Ca­li­for­nia’s the­me parks; two hours west of the moun­tains, whe­re you can go skiing in win­ter, whi­le the­re are ex­tre­me sports du­ring sum­mer; down­town is just fif­teen mi­nu­tes from the Ti­jua­na cros­sing.

It is al­so one of the main Pa­ci­fic ports. San Die­go re­cei­ves crui­se ships tra­ve­lling to and from Cen­tral and South Ame­ri­ca, Ca­na­da and Alas­ka, as well as so­me that go all the way to Asia and Ocea­nia.

San Die­go has tra­vel op­tions for all tas­tes, from parks li­ke Sea World to mu­seums, such as the Mu­seum of Na­tu­ral His­tory in Bal­boa Park, NFL mat­ches at Qual­comm Sta­dium or MLB at Pet­co Park; the­re’s even free shows at Or­gan Pa­vi­lion, hu­ge con­certs at the Cric­ket Wi­re­less Amp­hit­hea­tre to the south in Chu­la­vis­ta, and hor­se ra­ces at Del Mar Ra­ce­track in the nort­hern part of town.


San Die­go has lod­ging op­tions few Ame­ri­can ci­ties ha­ve, from lu­xu­rious ho­tels li­ke the Del Co­ro­na­do Ho­tel, Loews Co­ro­na­do Bay Re­sort or Man­ches­ter Grand Hyatt, and bud­get op­tions li­ke the Cir­cle Ho­tel at Mis­sion Va­lley.

The­re are a gro­wing num­ber of bou­ti­que ho­tels in down­town and ol­dtown, as well as bed & break­fasts th­roug­hout the city.


The di­ver­sity in im­mi­gra­tion that has co­me to San Die­go has re­sul­ted in unique fla­vors and tex­tu­res, which ma­ke for very in­tri­guing cuisine. Little Italy has fa­mily res­tau­rants li­ke the Mo­na Li­sa, you’ll find hau­te cuisine on the fifth and sixth ave­nues, de­li­cious Me­xi­can-Ame­ri­can fu­sion cuisine at Lo­gan, or fi­ne di­ning at the ex­clu­si­ve La Jo­lla neigh­bor­hood.

The­re are al­so pla­ces whe­re you can get a feel of the way li­fe in the midd­le of the 20th cen­tury, with an ama­zing steak and a hu­ge glass of beer, such as Bully’s Half Cut.


San Die­go Zoo is fa­mous world­wi­de. It is at Bal­boa Park and just one day isn’t enough to go th­rough all of it. The Mi­sion de San Die­go de Alcala in ol­dtown, and the lo­cal far­mer’s mar­ket al­so at­tract thou­sands of vi­si­tors every year. Sea World San Die­go is al­so ex­tre­mely fa­mous, and it is one of tho­se pla­ces you need to spend mo­re than a couple of days. Clo­se to Sea World is Mis­sion Bay, whe­re you can prac­ti­ce a va­riety of wa­ters­ports, thanks to the low ti­des at this man-ma­de bay, built as a re­crea­tio­nal area not far from down­town.

Beau­ti­ful bea­ches li­ke Pa­ci­fic Beach, Mis­sion Beach, La Jo­lla, En­ci­ni­tas, Del Mar and Ocean­si­de em­body the Ca­li­for­nian spi­rit, with small beach­si­de ho­tels, long-term re­si­den­cies for rent, ex­ce­llent ca­fes and bars whe­re you’ll en­joy breath­ta­king sun­sets.


San Die­go is a great pla­ce for shop­ping. It has everyt­hing from Outlets li­ke Las Ame­ri­cas, next to the Ti­jua­na bor­der, to de­lu­xe malls li­ke Hor­ton Pla­za, Mis­sion Va­lley and Fashion Va­lley. The­re are al­so small de­sig­ner bou­ti­ques and brand sto­res at La Jo­lla and Es­con­di­do.


Ca­si­nos are one of San Die­go’s li­ve­lier as­pects. The In­dian Re­ser­va­tions, 45 mi­nu­tes east, are ho­me to the li­kes of Vie­jas and Ba­ro­na’s. You don’t need to tra­vel far to en­joy the shows and the th­rill of the gam­ble.

San Die­go is many des­ti­na­tions pac­ked in­to one. Few pla­ces in North Ame­ri­ca of­fer so much di­ver­sity in such a beau­ti­ful and clean city, with na­tu­re all around and the ocean next to it, right next door to Me­xi­co and with a cos­mo­po­li­tan vi­be you won’t find anyw­he­re el­se.

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