As 30 out of 65 leg­is­la­tors of the Mon­go­lian Peo­ple’s Party (MPP) in Par­lia­ment sub­mit­ted a de­mand for Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion to Par­lia­ment on Au­gust 23, ac­cord­ing to the Act of Par­lia­ment, leg­is­la­tors must re­view the de­mand be­fore Septem­ber 6.

On Septem­ber 6, an ir­reg­u­lar par­lia­men­tary ses­sion called by the Speaker of Par­lia­ment took place to re­view the Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion de­mand. At the be­gin­ning of the ses­sion, Prime Min­is­ter J.Er­denebat stated that as sto­ries that an un­der­cover op­er­a­tion on Deputy Prime Min­is­ter U.Khurel­sukh was car­ried out by or­der from Prime Min­is­ter were spread to the pub­lic through the me­dia, he asked Par­lia­ment’s Se­cu­rity and For­eign Pol­icy Stand­ing Com­mit­tee to hold a meet­ing to in­ves­ti­gate this is­sue.

The MPP’s cau­cus chair­man D.Khayankhyr­vaa un­der­lined that the Par­lia­men­tary Re­view Com­mit­tee (PRC) needs to hold its meet­ing about the re­ported un­der­cover op­er­a­tion and re­port to Par­lia­ment.

He put for­ward a pro­posal to Speaker of Par­lia­ment M.Enkhbold to resched­ule the ir­reg­u­lar par­lia­men­tary ses­sion on Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion un­til PRC holds its meet­ing.

As Speaker M.Enkhbold ac­cepted D.Khayankhyr­vaa’s pro­posal, the par­lia­men­tary ses­sion to re­view Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion will take place af­ter PRC holds its meet­ing on the Prime Min­is­ter’s al­leged un­der­cover op­er­a­tion on the Deputy Prime Min­is­ter.

PRC is made up of five MPs, in­clud­ing N.Enkhbold, S.Bat­bold and Ya.San­jmy­atav, who did not sign the de­mand for Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion. The other two mem­bers of PRC, D.Tsogt­baatar and G.Zan­dan­shatar, have signed the de­mand. The five leg­is­la­tors re­viewed a re­port by law en­force­ment au­thor­i­ties re­lated to the un­der­cover op­er­a­tion on Septem­ber 7.

Af­ter the meet­ing of PRC, Min­is­ter of La­bor and So­cial Pro­tec­tion N.Nom­toiba­yar who at­tended the meet­ing stated that PRC found that Prime Min­is­ter J.Er­denebat is not in­volved with the spy op­er­a­tion.

Mem­ber of Par­lia­ment T.Ayur­saikhan em­pha­sized that Speaker M.Enkhbold vi­o­lated Sec­tion 43.3 of the Con­sti­tu­tion stat­ing that Par­lia­ment shall re­view a de­mand for Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion within 15 days.

The Demo­cratic Party’s cau­cus chair­man D.Er­denebat also noted that the party’s cau­cus sub­mit­ted a writ­ten no­ti­fi­ca­tion out­lin­ing that the Speaker vi­o­lated the Con­sti­tu­tion and the Act of Par­lia­ment by reschedul­ing the ses­sion on the Cabi­net res­ig­na­tion de­mand.

As of 5:15 p.m. of Septem­ber 7, Par­lia­ment re­viewed a re­port from the meet­ing of PRC on the spy op­er­a­tion through its closed ses­sion.


A par­lia­men­tary ses­sion in progress

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