Newly ap­pointed Prime Min­is­ter of Mon­go­lia U.Khurel­sukh is ex­pected to an­nounce his Cab­i­net ap­point­ments to Par­lia­ment at the lat­est on Oc­to­ber 11, as it marks the end of the con­sti­tu­tion­ally al­lowed dead­line to form Cab­i­net.

The nom­i­nees for the min­is­ters were sup­posed to be de­ter­mined at the Mon­go­lian Peo­ple’s Party’s cau­cus meet­ing on Oc­to­ber 8. The process has been drawn-out based on dif­fer­ences of in­ter­ests and opin­ions on who should be nom­i­nated.

The di­vide amongst the Mon­go­lian Peo­ple’s Party (MPP) has been at the back­drop of the dis­missal of the pre­vi­ous ad­min­is­tra­tion and the ap­point­ment of its suc­ces­sors.

“There is a di­vide in our party. It serves no use to lie or to hide it. The Prime Min­is­ter has to take con­trol and pro­vide unity. Yet, he has not done any­thing to im­prove un­der­stand­ing. We want to stop hav­ing two sep­a­rate meet­ings with 32 MPs and 33 MPs. We want to meet as the ma­jor­ity in Par­lia­ment, all 65 of us,” said MPP leg­is­la­tor U.Enkhtu­vshin re­cently.

The two par­ties in Par­lia­ment were sup­posed to have a cau­cus meet­ing but reports in­di­cate that the MPP’s cau­cus did not con­vene.

The op­po­si­tion party in Par­lia­ment, the Demo­cratic Party, ex­panded its meet­ing to in­clude party mem­bers that do not hold gov­ern­ment po­si­tions. The 2018 bud­get amend­ment was the main topic of the meet­ing on Oc­to­ber 9.

In con­trast, MPP mem­bers de­cided not to­hold a cau­cus meet­ing and in­stead spent the day dis­cussing the is­sues of ap­point­ment in sep­a­rate meet­ings. Un­of­fi­cial reports in­di­cate that a deal was made be­tween the lead­ing mem­bers of the two fac­tions in MPP, Prime Min­is­ter U.Khurel­sukh and Par­lia­ment Speaker M.Enkhbold.

Some lo­cal me­dia have re­port­edthat the fac­tion that was for the dis­missal of the pre­vi­ous ad­min­is­tra­tion will ap­point nine min­is­ters while the fac­tion that was against the dis­missal of the pre­vi­ous Cab­i­net will ap­point six mem­bers.

The two fac­tions could hold a MPP cau­cus meet­ing to iron out the nom­i­nees but some an­a­lysts be­lieve that since a deal has been struck, MPP will go straight to the Pres­i­dent to fi­nal­ize the nom­i­na­tions.

The ma­jor­ity party has to nom­i­nate Cab­i­net mem­bers in con­sul­ta­tion with Pres­i­dent Kh.Bat­tulga and then sub­mit their nom­i­na­tions to Par­lia­ment for fur­ther re­view. Lo­cal me­dia re­port that both fac­tions of MPP have pri­or­i­tized form­ing the new Cab­i­net within this week, as ur­gent is­sues of the IMF ex­tended fund fa­cil­ity and bond re­pay­ment is­sues need to be ad­dressed.

The ru­mored nom­i­na­tions of min­is­ters af­ter the al­leged deal be­tween the two fac­tions of MPP was re­ported by Deputy Min­is­ter:

Cab­i­net Sec­re­tar­iat:

Min­is­ter of En­vi­ron­ment and Tourism: Min­is­ter of For­eign Af­fairs:

Min­is­ter of Fi­nance:

Min­is­ter of Jus­tice and In­ter­nal Af­fairs: Min­is­ter of La­bor and So­cial Pro­tec­tion: Min­is­ter of De­fense:

Min­is­ter of Con­struc­tion and Ur­ban De­vel­op­ment: Min­is­ter of Ed­u­ca­tion, Cul­ture, Science, and Sports: Min­is­ter of Roads and Trans­port:

Min­is­ter of Min­ing and Heavy In­dus­try: Min­is­ter of Agri­cul­ture and Light In­dus­try: Min­is­ter of En­ergy:

Min­is­ter of Health: MP L.Enkh-Am­galan MP G.Zan­dan­shatar MP O.Sod­bi­leg MP D.Tsogt­baatar MP Ch.Khurel­baatar MP Sh.Rad­naased MP S.Chin­zorig MP N.Tseren­bat MP Kh.Badelkhan MP Ts.Tsog­zol­maa MP J.Bat-Er­dene MP D.Su­miyabazar MP B.Bat­zorig MP Ts.Davaa­suren MP D.Saran­gerel

Photo by G.AR­GU­U­JIN

Newly ap­pointed PM U.Khurel­sukh has un­til Oc­to­ber

11 to sub­mit Cab­i­net nom­i­na­tions to Par­lia­ment

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