HEPA air pu­ri­fiers dis­trib­uted to hos­pi­tals

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The Ulaan­baatar Clean Air Project has handed over 200 high ef­fi­ciency par­tic­u­late air (HEPA) fil­ter air pu­ri­fiers to 11 hos­pi­tals and clin­ics op­er­at­ing in Ulaan­baatar to pre­vent all types of dis­eases.

The hand­ing over cer­e­mony took place at Chin­gel­tei Dis­trict Health Cen­ter on Novem­ber 8 with at­ten­dance from Deputy Ulaan­baatar Mayor J.Bat­bayas­galan, Chin­gel­tei Dis­trict Mayor J.Er­denebat, Di­rec­tor of the Ulaan­baatar Health Of­fice L.Tu­mur­baatar, and other rep­re­sen­ta­tives from other hos­pi­tals and clin­ics.

Deputy Mayor J.Bat­bayas­galan noted that the new air pu­ri­fiers will con­trib­ute con­sid­er­ably in re­duc­ing ad­verse im­pacts of both in­door and out­door air pol­lu­tion in hos­pi­tals. He re­minded that smog can in­crease the risk of dis­eases among chil­dren be­low the age of five get­ting af­fected with pneu­mo­nia and older peo­ple with lung and car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­or­ders.

Ex­perts said that the HEPA fil­tra­tion helps re­move up to 99 per­cent of air­borne con­tam­i­nants such as pollen, pet dan­der, dust and to­bacco smoke, and is power-ef­fi­cient. It’s said to be user-friendly with night­time set­tings. Of­fi­cials un­der­scored that th­ese do­na­tions will pro­vide a healthy en­vi­ron­ment for nearly 50 chil­dren ad­mit­ted to each hos­pi­tal.

“It’s es­sen­tial for par­ents and guardians to pro­tect them­selves and their chil­dren from risks of be­ing af­fected with res­pi­ra­tory ill­nesses now that the preva­lence of such dis­eases are on the rise. In par­tic­u­lar, ev­ery­one needs to pay at­ten­tion to im­prov­ing in­door air qual­ity more than out­door air pol­lu­tions,” Di­rec­tor of the Ulaan­baatar

Health Of­fice L.Tu­mur­baatar said.

He then shared the fol­low­ing rec­om­men­da­tions for im­prov­ing in­door air qual­ity.

1. Make a habit of us­ing masks to pre­vent res­pi­ra­tory ill­nesses. (Both chil­dren and adults spend an av­er­age of 10 hours out­doors com­mut­ing to and from school or work­place a week, ac­cord­ing to a re­cent study.)

2. Use HEPA air pu­ri­fiers at home, of­fices, and schools. (Ex­perts be­lieve that peo­ple need to take mea­sures to im­prove in­door air qual­ity as stud­ies show that peo­ple spend around 90 per­cent of their life­time in­doors.)

“There’s a ten­dency for the oc­cur­rence of res­pi­ra­tory ill­nesses, in­fluenza and in­fluenza-like ill­ness to es­ca­late dur­ing cold sea­sons in Mon­go­lia. Peo­ple do not catch the cold or in­fluenza be­cause of smog. In­fluenza is caused by viruses. Around 80 per­cent of in­fluenza-af­fected pa­tients are chil­dren,” L.Tu­mur­baatar said, and ex­plained that the Ulaan­baatar City Coun­cil de­cided to dis­trib­ute air pu­ri­fiers to hos­pi­tals and clin­ics in an ef­fort to en­hance in­door air qual­ity and en­able pa­tients to re­cover faster.

City of­fi­cials promised to carry out projects to im­prove in­door air qual­ity and pub­lic health in stages.

“We will take other mea­sures for pre­vent­ing in­door air pol­lu­tion. We plan to place per­ma­nent air pu­ri­fiers in hos­pi­tals in the fu­ture,” an of­fi­cials stated.

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