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a cor­po­ra­tion duly or­ga­nized and ex­ist­ing un­der the laws of The Nether­lands, of High Tech Cam­pus 5, 5656 AE, Eind­hoven, The Nether­lands, is the Owner of the fol­low­ing Trade­mark:-

Reg. No. 1258/2016 “Class 3: in re­spect of Bleach­ing prepa­ra­tions and other sub­stances for laun­dry use; Clean­ing, pol­ish­ing, scour­ing and abra­sive prepa­ra­tions; Soaps; Per­fumery, essen­tial oils, cos­met­ics, hair lo­tions; Den­tifrices; tooth­paste; Non-med­i­cated toi­let prepa­ra­tions; cos­met­ics; soaps; sham­poos, non-med­i­cated tal­cum pow­der; baby wipes, cologne im­preg­nated dis­pos­able wipes, fa­cial wipes im­preg­nated with cos­met­ics, moist wipes for san­i­tary and cos­metic pur­poses, moist wipes im­preg­nated with a cos­metic lo­tion, pre-moist­ened cos­metic wipes, wipes im­preg­nated with a skin cleanser, wipes in­cor­po­rat­ing clean­ing prepa­ra­tions; non-med­i­cated prepa­ra­tions, creams and lo­tions for the body, skin and hair; mas­sage creams, oils and gels, not med­i­cated; liq­uid talc for ba­bies; nip­ple cream; descal­ing prepa­ra­tions for house­hold use; tis­sues im­preg­nated with lo­tions; pre­moist­ened or im­preg­nated cleans­ing pads, tis­sues or wipes; dis­pos­able wipes im­preg­nated with cleans­ing chem­i­cals or com­pounds for per­sonal hy­giene; baby bot­tom balm, baby crème; body cream for mothers, bath and shower, mois­tur­iz­ing and cleans­ing foam for mothers, mois­tur­iz­ing oil for mothers, body wash for ba­bies, hair wash for ba­bies. Class 5: Phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal and ve­teri­nary prepa­ra­tions; San­i­tary prepa­ra­tions for med­i­cal pur­poses; Di­etetic food and sub­stances adapted for med­i­cal or ve­teri­nary use, food for ba­bies; Di­etary sup­ple­ments for hu­mans and an­i­mals; Plasters, ma­te­ri­als for dress­ings; Ma­te­rial for stop­ping teeth, den­tal wax; Dis­in­fec­tants; Prepa­ra­tions for de­stroy­ing ver­min; Fungi­cides, her­bi­cides; Baby foods; vi­ta­min and min­eral prepa­ra­tions; plasters; im­preg­nated an­ti­sep­tic or med­i­cated wipes, moist wipes im­preg­nated with a phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal lo­tion, san­i­tiz­ing wipes, wipes for med­i­cal use; breast-nurs­ing pads; in­serts for breast shells; in­fants and ba­bies’ dis­pos­able nap­kins made of pa­per or cel­lu­lose; breast shells; ster­il­ized wet wipes; baby di­a­pers; tis­sues and wipes im­preg­nated with phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal lo­tions and creams; milkpow­der for ba­bies. Class 7: Ap­pli­ances for house­hold pur­poses not in­cluded in other classes, elec­tric blen­ders, can open­ers, food pro­ces­sors, fruit presses, mills and mix­ers, elec­tric knifes; kitchen DSSOLDQFHV IRU IRRG VWHDPHUV SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV RI WKH afore­said goods. Class 8: Hand tools and im­ple­ments (hand-op­er­ated); Ra­zors; ta­ble cut­lery of plas­tic, for ba­bies and chil­dren; punches for mak­ing holes in teats in­cluded in this class; cut­lery and cut­lery for ba­bies, in­fants and chil­dren, spoons, forks and knives; elec­tric hair clip­pers, hair trim­mers, scis­sors to trim hair, baby nail clip­per, nose cleaner; de­pila­tion ap­pli­ances, elec­tric and non-elec­tric, hair clip­pers for per­sonal use, elec­tric and non-elec­tric, hair-re­mov­ing tweez­ers; nail clip­pers, HOHFWULF RU QRQ HOHFWULF QDLO ¿OHV HOHFWULF RU QRQ HOHFWULF PDQLFXUH DQG SHGLFXUH VHWV QDLO ¿OHV DQG HPHU\ ERDUGV elec­tric or non-elec­tric; tongs for pick­ing up teats and other ob­jects from a ster­il­izer; tongs for pick­ing up hot REMHFWV SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV RI WKH DIRUHVDLG JRRGV Class

9: Sci­en­tific, nau­ti­cal, sur­vey­ing, pho­to­graphic, cin­e­mato­graphic, op­ti­cal, weigh­ing, mea­sur­ing, sig­nalling, check­ing (su­per­vi­sion), life-sav­ing and teach­ing ap­pa­ra­tus and in­stru­ments; Ap­pa­ra­tus and in­stru­ments for con­duct­ing, switch­ing, trans­form­ing, ac­cu­mu­lat­ing, reg­u­lat­ing or con­trol­ling elec­tric­ity; Ap­pa­ra­tus for record­ing, trans­mis­sion or re­pro­duc­tion of sound or im­ages; Mag­netic data car­ri­ers, record­ing discs; Com­pact discs, DVDs and other dig­i­tal record­ing me­dia; data pro­cess­ing equip­ment, com­put­ers; Com­puter soft­ware; alarms; scales for ba­bies; dig­i­tal pho­to­graph frames, DECT mon­i­tors, ther­mome­ters and elec­tronic ther­mome­ters, other than for med­i­cal pur­poses; an­ti­ra­di­a­tion gar­ment; elec­tronic pub­li­ca­tions, pro­vided on­line from data­bases or on the In­ter­net, stor­age me­dia, in­ter­ac­tive com­pact discs and CD-ROMs; records, tapes, discs, cas­settes, car­tridges, cards and other car­ri­ers, all con­tain­ing or for record­ing sound, video, data, im­ages, games, text, pro­grams or in­for­ma­tion; all the afore­said goods for or re­lat­ing to ba­bies, young chil­dren, preg­nant women, breast-feed­ing mothers and young mothers; com­puter soft­ware pro­grams and soft­ware ap­pli­ca­tions for mo­bile phones and other hand­held mo­bile dig­i­tal elec­tronic de­vices, mo­bile apps; com­puter pro­grams for ac­cess­ing, brows­ing and search­ing on­line data­bases, com­puter soft­ware and firmware, namely op­er­at­ing sys­tem pro­grams, data syn­chro­niza­tion pro­grams, and ap­pli­ca­tion de­vel­op­ment com­puter soft­ware pro­grams for per­sonal and hand­held com­put­ers; spec­ta­cle frames, H\HJODVVHV VXQJODVVHV IULGJH PDJQHWV SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV for all the afore­said goods, ex­cept hear­ing aids and re­lated goods; mon­i­tor­ing ap­pa­ra­tus, elec­tric; baby mon­i­tors; au­dio mon­i­tors; dig­i­tal video mon­i­tors; mon­i­tors (hard­ware); charger for elec­tric bat­ter­ies; bat­tery charger; bat­ter­ies and recharge­able bat­ter­ies; recharge­able bat­tery pack; cen­tral pro­cess­ing unit for baby mon­i­tor; elec­tric con­nec­tions for baby mon­i­tor; power cord; charger stand IRU SDUHQW XQLW SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU EDE\ PRQLWRUV soother ther­mome­ter; bath and room ther­mome­ters; GLJLWDO SKRWRJUDSK IUDPHV VWUHVV PHWHU SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV for all the afore­said goods, ex­cept hear­ing aids and re­lated goods. Class 10: Sur­gi­cal, med­i­cal, den­tal and ve­teri­nary DSSDUDWXV DQG LQVWUXPHQWV DUWL¿FLDO OLPEV H\HV DQG WHHWK Or­tho­pe­dic ar­ti­cles; Su­ture ma­te­ri­als; Sur­gi­cal, med­i­cal, den­tal and ve­teri­nary ap­pa­ra­tus; in­stru­ments, clothes, lights and lamps for med­i­cal, cu­ra­tive, sur­gi­cal, den­tal and ve­teri­nary use; feed­ing bot­tles, feed­ing bot­tles KDQGOHV WHDWV VRRWKHUV SDFL¿HUV DQG WHHWKLQJ ULQJV spoons and med­i­cal feeder for ad­min­is­ter­ing medicines; cups and ves­sels adapted for feed­ing ba­bies and chil­dren; in­cu­ba­tors; toi­let chair; toi­let chair for ba­bies and chil­dren; breast pumps; nurs­ing ap­pli­ances for use in breast feed­ing, in­clud­ing ap­pli­ances for the treat­ment and cor­rec­tion of in­verted nip­ples; breast pads, breast shields, nip­ple pro­tec­tors, breasts cool­ing pads, breasts heat­ing pads; ther­mome­ters; ster­il­iz­ing ap­pa­ra­tus and ac­ces­sories there­for; arm bands for ba­bies and young chil­dren; FRQGRPV SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU DOO WKH DIRUHVDLG JRRGV mas­sage ap­pa­ra­tus, elec­tric or non-elec­tric, body and breast mas­sagers; gloves for mas­sage, ther­mal mas­sage pads; vi­bra­tion gen­er­at­ing ap­pa­ra­tus for mas­sage; preg­nancy sup­port belt; ba­bies bot­tles; dis­pos­able feed­ing ERWWOHV GLVSRVDEOH EDELHV ERWWOHV SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU feed­ing bot­tles and ba­bies bot­tles; breast pumps, in­clud­ing man­ual breast pump, elec­tric breast pump, EDWWHU\ RSHUDWHG EUHDVW SXPS SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU EUHDVW pumps; nip­ple shields; icepack for med­i­cal pur­poses; med­i­cal cool­ers for breast milk; parts, fit­tings and clo­sures for cups and ves­sels; med­i­cal pouches and con­tain­ers for col­lec­tion, deep-freez­ing, stor­ing, trans­port and re­heat­ing breast milk for med­i­cal pur­poses; teats; SDFL¿HUV DQG WHDWV IRU EDE\ ERWWOHV GXPPLHV DQG WHDWV IRU EDELHV GXPP\ FKDLQV QDPHO\ SDFL¿HU FOLSV DQG hold­ers; ear and fore­head ther­mome­ters; ap­pa­ra­tus for re­mov­ing nasal mu­cous, namely, ex­ter­nal nasal dila­tors, nasal as­pi­ra­tors, nasal ir­ri­ga­tion ves­sel, naval lavage YHVVHO SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU DOO WKH DIRUHVDLG JRRGV Class

11: Ap­pa­ra­tus for light­ing, heat­ing, steam gen­er­at­ing, cook­ing, re­frig­er­at­ing, dry­ing, ven­ti­lat­ing, wa­ter sup­ply and san­i­tary pur­poses; Ap­pa­ra­tus and in­stru­ments for ster­il­iz­ing, heat­ing, light­ing, cook­ing, re­frig­er­at­ing, dry­ing or for san­i­tary pur­poses; multi-func­tion ster­il­izer (Ster­il­izer + Milk & Food Warmer + Dryer) fans, heaters and warm­ers for feed­ing bot­tles, food­stuffs, liq­uids and solids; con­gee maker; boiler ket­tle (to boil wa­ter made RI ERWK *ODVV 6WDLQOHVV 6WHHO $LU SXUL¿HUV KXPLGL¿HUV wake up lights, guide lights and sooth­ing lights parts and ¿WWLQJV IRU DOO WKH DIRUHVDLG JRRGV KRW ZDWHU ERWWOHV ster­il­iz­ers; steam ster­il­iz­ers; ster­il­iz­ers for feed­ing bot­tles and ba­bies bot­tles, in­clud­ing mi­crowave steam ster­il­iz­ers and elec­tric steam ster­il­iz­ers; dis­pos­able ster­il­iza­tion SRXFKHV PLFURZDYH VWHULOL]LQJ EDJ SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU VWHULOL]HUV $LU SXUL¿HUV KXPLGL¿HUV ZDNH XS OLJKWV VWHDPHUV IRU IRRG DQG PHDO SUHSDUDWLRQ SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV for all the afore­said goods. Class 12: Ve­hi­cles; Ap­pa­ra­tus for lo­co­mo­tion by land, air or wa­ter; Baby bug­gies; baby car­riages; prams; pushchairs, baby bug­gies, walk­ing ap­pa­ra­tus for ba­bies and young chil­dren; cov­ers and hoods for baby car­riages. Class 14: Pre­cious met­als and their al­loys and goods in pre­cious met­als or coated there­with, not in­cluded in other classes; Jew­ellery, pre­cious stones; Horo­log­i­cal and chrono­met­ric in­stru­ments; Jew­ellery; clocks, alarm clocks; watches; VOHHSWUDLQHU SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU DOO WKH DIRUHVDLG JRRGV

Class 16: Pa­per, card­board and goods made from these ma­te­ri­als, not in­cluded in other classes; Printed mat­ter; Book­bind­ing ma­te­rial; Pho­to­graphs; Sta­tionery; Ad­he­sives for sta­tionery or house­hold pur­poses; Artists’ ma­te­ri­als; In­struc­tional and teach­ing ma­te­rial (ex­cept ap­pa­ra­tus); Plas­tic ma­te­ri­als for pack­ag­ing (not in­cluded in other classes); Print­ing blocks; Printed mat­ter, news­pa­pers, newsletters, printed pub­li­ca­tions and mag­a­zines; wipes for clean­ing ba­bies and in­fants; dis­pos­able bibs made of plas­tic and pa­per; ta­ble nap­kins of pa­per; ice bags; bags for mi­crowave cook­ing; plas­tic oven cook­ing bags; bibs of pa­per; hand­ker­chiefs of pa­per; cel­lu­lose wipes. Class 18: Leather and im­i­ta­tions of leather, and goods made of these ma­te­ri­als and not in­cluded in other classes; Trunks and trav­el­ling bags; Um­brel­las and para­sols; har­ness; Baby slings; baby har­nesses; bags; baby chang­ing bags; di­a­per bags; Sling EDJV IRU FDUU\LQJ EDELHV DQG LQIDQWV SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV for all the afore­said goods. Class 20: Fur­ni­ture, mir­rors, pic­ture frames; Goods (not in­cluded in other classes) of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whale­bone, shell, am­ber, mother-of-pearl, meer­schaum and sub­sti­tutes for all these ma­te­ri­als, or of plas­tics ; Locks and safety latches, cor­ner pro­tec­tors; doorstop SURWHFWRUV VDIHW\ JDWHV ¿UHJXDUGV EHG UDLOV KLJK FKDLUV cots and bas­kets for ba­bies and young chil­dren; pil­lows; chang­ing mats; baby car­ri­ers ; sup­port pil­lows for use in baby car safety seats and baby car safety seats; baby head VXSSRUW FXVKLRQV EUHDVW IHHGLQJ SLOORZ SDUWV DQG ¿WWLQJV for all the afore­said goods. Class 21: House­hold or kitchen uten­sils and con­tain­ers; Combs and sponges; %UXVKHV H[FHSW SDLQW EUXVKHV WRRWKEUXVKHV ¿QJHU tooth­brush; Brush-mak­ing ma­te­ri­als; Ar­ti­cles for clean­ing pur­poses; Glass­ware, porce­lain and earth­en­ware not in­cluded in other classes ; Small do­mes­tic uten­sils and con­tain­ers (none of pre­cious met­als or coated there­with); con­tain­ers for use in the ster­il­iza­tion of ba­bies’ feed­ing bot­tles and clo­sures for such con­tain­ers; combs, sponges (not for sur­gi­cal pur­poses), hot wa­ter bot­tles and heat in­su­lated con­tain­ers; milk pow­der dis­pensers; heat in­su­lated con­tain­ers and car­ri­ers for baby feed­ing bot­tles; brushes and table­ware; House­hold, kitchen, do­mes­tic, cos­metic and toi­let uten­sils and con­tain­ers; baby food con­tain­ers sold empty, cups, non-spill valves for use with cups, spouts for cups; baths and pot­ties for ba­bies; glass, porce­lain and earth­en­ware; bowls and buck­ets; small or­na­ments; drink­ing ves­sels; fig­urines, stat­uettes, dec­o­ra­tive and artis­tic ar­ti­cles, clean­ing ar­ti­cles and ma­te­ri­als; boxes, money boxes; clo­sures for afore­said do­mes­tic uten­sils and con­tain­ers; bags and con­tain­ers for house­hold use, namely, con­tain­ers for stor­ing, freez­ing, pre­serv­ing, trans­port­ing and heat­ing of breast milk ; hot wa­ter bot­tles and heat in­su­lated con­tain­ers and car­ri­ers for baby feed­ing bot­tles; bot­tles of glass; cups; clo­sures for cups; seal­ing discs; brushes for clean­ing (parts of) bot­tles, teats, con­tain­ers; ther­mal and isother­mic bags to keep bot­tles and cups warm or cool, in­clud­ing in­su­lated pock­ets; por­ta­ble baths for ba­bies; plates and di­vider plates; travel feed­ing set with suc­tion mat to pre­vent spills; bowls and buck­ets; drink­ing straws for drink­ing; blen­ders, non-elec­tric, for house­hold pur­poses; in­su­lated DQG YDFXXP ÀDVNV DQG YDFXXP ERWWOHV ERWWOH GU\LQJ rack; brushes for clean­ing (parts of) bot­tles, teats, con­tain­ers; bot­tle, bot­tle open­ers and bot­tle brushes; sleeves for pro­tect­ing cups, bot­tles and con­tain­ers; parts DQG ¿WWLQJV IRU DOO WKH DIRUHVDLG JRRGV Class 24: Tex­tiles and tex­tile goods, not in­cluded in other classes; Bed cov­ers; Ta­ble cov­ers; Bed linen, tex­tile fur­nish­ing goods; pram and cot linen; re­moval wipes [tex­tile] other than im­preg­nated with toi­let prepa­ra­tions, wipes [tex­tile] other than im­preg­nated with cos­met­ics; cloth nap­kins and nap­kins made of tex­tile; place mats not of pa­per; cloth; cord fab­ric; silk art­work; felt; tow­els of tex­tile; bed clothes; bed linen; cov­ers [loose] for fur­ni­ture; wash­ing mitts; ban­ners. Class 25: Cloth­ing; footwear; head­gear ; Cloth­ing; footwear; head­gear; baby bibs; scarves; baby feed­ing scarves. Class 28: Games and play­things; Gym­nas­tic and sport­ing ar­ti­cles not in­cluded in other classes; Dec­o­ra­tions for Christ­mas trees ;Toys, games,

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play­things and rat­tles; dolls. Class 39: Trans­port; Pack­ag­ing and stor­age of goods; Travel ar­range­ment ; De­liv­ery of goods for mothers, ba­bies and young chil­dren; gift-wrap­ping and gift de­liv­ery ser­vices; de­liv­ery of dis­pos­able nap­kins and di­a­pers; ar­rang­ing the de­liv­ery of goods, ar­rang­ing the de­liv­ery of gifts, ar­rang­ing the de­liv­ery of goods; the afore­said ser­vices also de­liv­ered by In­ter­net and mo­bile ser­vices. Class 41: Ed­u­ca­tion; Pro­vid­ing of train­ing; En­ter­tain­ment; Sport­ing and cul­tural ac­tiv­i­ties ; Ed­u­ca­tional ser­vices; train­ing ser­vices; pro­vi­sion of ed­u­ca­tional ser­vices, tu­to­ri­als and work­shops; the afore­said ser­vices also de­liv­ered by In­ter­net; the afore­said ser­vices also re­lated to breast­feed­ing and the wel­fare of ba­bies, in­fants chil­dren and mothers. Class 42: Sci­en­tific and tech­no­log­i­cal ser­vices and re­search and de­sign re­lat­ing thereto; In­dus­trial anal­y­sis and re­search ser­vices; De­sign and de­vel­op­ment of com­puter hard­ware and soft­ware ; Com­puter and mo­bile ser­vices, namely pro­vid­ing tech­nol­ogy fea­tur­ing on­line and mo­bile soft­ware that en­ables users of com­put­ers and mo­bile de­vices to share in­for­ma­tion and im­ages, to form vir­tual com­mu­ni­ties, to en­gage in so­cial net­work­ing, to mon­i­tor ba­bies and in­fants. Class 44: Med­i­cal ser­vices; Ve­teri­nary ser­vices; Hy­gienic and beauty care for hu­man be­ings or an­i­mals; pro­vid­ing breast­feed­ing in­for­ma­tion; Pro­vi­sion of health and beauty treat­ments; Hy­gienic and beauty care ser­vices; nurs­ery ser­vices; nurs­ing home ser­vice; respite care ser­vice; ad­vice re­lat­ing to the wel­fare of ba­bies, in­fants, chil­dren and mothers; rental of med­i­cal equip­ment, namely, breast pumps, parts and fit­tings for breast pumps, bags for car­ry­ing breast pumps; the afore­said ser­vices also de­liv­ered by In­ter­net and mo­bile ser­vices.” Fraud­u­lent imi­ta­tion or unau­tho­rised use of the said Trade Mark will be dealt with ac­cord­ing to law. Win Mu Tin, M. A ., H. G. P ., D. B. L. for Konin­kli­jke Philips N.V. P.O. Box 60, Yan­gon E-mail:­ Dated: 8 Septem­ber 2016

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