Stone: US wants to ‘con­trol the world’

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US film­maker Oliver Stone warned on Oc­to­ber 10 that his coun­try’s de­sire to “con­trol the world” by eaves­drop­ping on the en­tire planet would end in disaster.

The out­spo­ken di­rec­tor of JFK and Pla­toon claimed Wash­ing­ton’s war on ter­ror was be­ing used as cover to “dom­i­nate the world”.

“That de­sire to con­trol the world is very dan­ger­ous,” Stone warned as his lat­est movie Snow­den is re­leased across Europe and Asia.

The film is about Ed­ward Snow­den, the for­mer CIA and Na­tional Se­cu­rity Agency (NSA) in­sider who ex­posed the vast scope of US dig­i­tal in­tel­li­gence gath­er­ing.

“There is no his­tor­i­cal record of one em­pire that can do that suc­cess­fully ... The Bri­tish Em­pire tried but that ul­ti­mately led to mas­sive wars.

“The same is re­sult­ing from the US de­sire for tyranny,” he told re­porters.

“How many wars is Amer­ica in in­for­mally with­out con­sent? How many Mus­lim coun­tries has Obama bombed? How many drone strikes have we used, killing how many peo­ple?” he said.

Stone, 70, said Snow­den was a hero and a pa­triot who would even­tu­ally be seen as such like Daniel Ells­berg, the for­mer US mil­i­tary an­a­lyst who re­leased the top-se­cret Pen­tagon Pa­pers about the Viet­nam war in 1971.

He said he met 33-year-old Snow­den nine times in Moscow, where the for­mer NSA con­trac­tor was even­tu­ally given asy­lum after his pass­port was can­celled as he tried to change planes to reach South Amer­ica.

Snow­den fol­lows the young whistle­blower – who like Stone came from a mil­i­tary fam­ily – in the nine years lead­ing up to his sen­sa­tional leak­ing of the ex­tend of US elec­tronic eaves­drop­ping in June 2013.

It shows how Snow­den – played by Joseph Gor­don-Le­vitt – was ini­tially a gung-ho con­ser­va­tive who vol­un­teered to serve in the US army in Iraq un­til he broke both his legs in training.

But over time he be­came in­creas­ingly wor­ried about the vast level of il­le­gal snoop­ing he was help­ing to mas­ter­mind.

“I don’t think the gen­eral pub­lic has yet un­der­stood the Snow­den rev­e­la­tions, I re­ally don’t,” Stone said, claim­ing the US pub­lic had been lulled into be­ing “dumb and ap­a­thetic” about the dan­ger to their ba­sic free­doms.

“US peo­ple should be wor­ried about mass sur­veil­lance, drone war­fare and cy­ber war­fare, which are the is­sues Snow­den pre­sented,” Stone added.

“We have lost track of what the in­tel­li­gence agen­cies are do­ing es­pe­cially out­side the law. There is a dan­ger of hav­ing an­other war very quickly be­cause of cy­ber war­fare ... It is a mess,” he said.

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