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HALLOWEEN cos­tumes speak to the times and it has been a par­tic­u­larly scary year. From Brexit to the US pres­i­den­tial elec­tions and ex­plod­ing Sam­sung phones, here are some of the best Halloween cos­tumes of 2016.

Stranger Things The Net­flix show has spawned loads of Halloween cos­tumes, with a pink Peter Pan-col­lar Eleven dress viewed ev­ery three min­utes on Asos ear­lier in Oc­to­ber. Think pussy-bow blouses, tube socks, Barb specs, Dustin trucker hats, and lots of nose bleeds.

Donald Trump/Hil­lary Clin­ton In Halloween terms, Clin­ton and Trump are the Min­ions of 2016. Even Katy Perry and Or­lando Bloom pitched up at Kate Hud­son’s Halloween bash as the pres­i­den­tial nom­i­nees, with Perry in full pros­thet­ics and blow-dried blond wig and Bloom wear­ing a fat suit, gi­ant feet and orange face paint.

Uni­corn Pinterest’s most pop­u­lar 2016 Halloween cos­tume can be achieved on the hoof (pun in­tended) with last­minute rain­bow hair, loads of glit­ter and a horn. It’s not scary but it’s not con­tro­ver­sial ei­ther … no cul­tural ap­pro­pri­a­tion was in­volved in the cre­ation of this look.

Ghost­busters re­boot The 2016 boiler suits with the hor­i­zon­tal orange stripes, not the orig­i­nal 80s out­fits. An ironic pro­ton pack fash­ioned out of a ce­real packet wins ex­tra points.

Har­ley Quinn The No 1 trend­ing cos­tume on Google ear­lier this week, thanks to the le­gions of Sui­cide Squad fans. Re­quires rain­bow hair (which, if you lose heart, can be turned into a uni­corn cos­tume), bomber jacket, hot pants and fish­net tights. We’ve gone off it al­ready. Go for the uni­corn, folks. It’s the only safe choice.

Poke­mon Pikachu Cute, bang on trend, and al­lows the wearer to don a gi­ant fleece one­sie for Halloween. And then walk around play­ing Poke­mon Go, much like ev­ery other night of the year.

Av­o­cado This year’s grumpy cat meme cos­tume: sur­real, silly, easy.

Prince Pulled off most mem­o­rably at New York’s an­nual Tomp­kins Square dog pa­rade by a dog car­ry­ing a very small pur­ple gui­tar.

A burning Sam­sung Galaxy Note 7 Smok­ing hot, lit­er­ally. One Imgur user re­sponded to the con­tro­versy around Sam­sung phones catch­ing fire by post­ing a break­down of how to make a Note 7 Halloween cos­tume with empty phone boxes and a tube for smoke-blow­ing. The look is com­pleted with cau­tion tape and some­one dressed as a fire­fighter will­ing to fol­low you around all night with a (fake) fire ex­tin­guisher. Sounds dan­ger­ous. It’s not too late to go for the uni­corn.

Brexit Plenty of scope to spook peo­ple here: from Euro­pean flags and exit signs, to cov­er­ing your­self com­pletely in tribute to #WheresGe­orge go­ing vi­ral when Ge­orge Osborne dis­ap­peared af­ter the vote. Al­ter­na­tively, go con­cep­tual as a gi­ant Ar­ti­cle 50 trig­ger but­ton.

Snapchat fil­ters Achieved with a sim­ple slick of rain­bow vomit on the mouth and chin, Snapchat­ters love it. As far as ev­ery­one else is con­cerned, you’re a drunk uni­corn. – The Guardian

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