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What is a liv­ing mu­seum? It’s a place where tra­di­tions of mi­nor­ity groups are pre­served and taught to the next gen­er­a­tion. There are five liv­ing mu­se­ums in Namibia: Ju/’Hoansi at Grashoek, Lit­tle Hunter’s north of Tsumkwe, Mafwe north of Kon­gola next to the Kwando River, Da­mara at the Aba-Huab River near Twyfel­fontein and Mbunza out­side Rundu. How much does it cost? At Grashoek we paid R120 per per­son to see the song-and-dance per­for­mance. Other ac­tiv­i­ties vary be­tween R150 – R260. You can even ar­range for some­one to come tell a fire­side story at your camp­site. Do you get value for money? Yes! Think about it like this: There are prob­a­bly more rhi­nos left in the world than there are peo­ple who can make fire by rub­bing sticks to­gether. Go and meet th­ese amaz­ing peo­ple – it’s an en­rich­ing ex­pe­ri­ence the whole fam­ily will en­joy. Where does the money go? Di­rectly to the com­mu­nity. This helps to al­le­vi­ate poverty. More info: con­

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