NSU elec­tion makes Deuba fur­ther stronger in NC

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Nepali Congress pres­i­dent Sher Ba­hadur Deuba has fur­ther tight­ened his grip on the party by sweep­ing the elec­tions of the Nepal Stu­dents Union, the pow­er­ful stu­dent wing of the party, in its 11th gen­eral con­ven­tion. All the can­di­dates loyal to Deuba were elected in the key posts. His ri­val fac­tion led by Ram Chan­dra Poudel had to be con­tent with only the post of trea­surer, which was won by Shiva Ri­mal. Naina Singh Ma­har was elected pres­i­dent of the NSU by se­cur­ing 1,477 votes against Mano­j­mani Achraya who re­ceived only 1328 votes. Acharya was loyal to Poudel fac­tion in the party. Like­wise, Kun­dan Kafle and Saroj Ku­mar Thapa were elected to the post of gen­eral sec­re­taries. Kafle was Kr­ishna Si­taula's can­di­date while Thapa of Deuba him­self. The con­ven­tion in­au­gu­rated on Au­gust 1, lasted for two weeks due to dis­putes over the ‘ fake rep­re­sen­ta­tives' is­sue. As the dis­putes lin­gered, the Kr­ishna Si­tu­ala camp forged al­liance with Deuba's camp, which re­sulted in the clean sweep in the elec­tions. If Deuba and Si­taula had not filed joint can­di­dates, Poudel camp would have won the elec­tions. Bikash KC has been elected the Vice-Pres­i­dent from prov­ince no 1, San­jay Ya­dav from prov­ince no 2, Ram Prasad Ad­hikari from prov­ince no 3, Dil­li­ram Subedi from prov­ince no 4, Prakash Rana from prov­ince no 5, Khadga Dangi from prov­ince no 6 and Pushkar Shahi from prov­ince no 7, said elec­tion of­fi­cer Kr­ishna Prasad Paneru. Those elected vice-Pres­i­dent un­der the in­clu­sive cat­e­gory are Ur­mila Thapa (women), Pa­van Ya­dav (Mad­hesi), Nabin Rai (indige­nous), and Sa­gar Pari­yar (Dalit). Sim­i­larly, elected to the post of As­sis­tant Gen­eral Sec­re­tary for Prov­ince No 1 is Kr­ishna Karki, Ra­jesh Ku­mar Rau­ni­yar for Prov­ince No 2, Mad­hav Prasad Dhakal for Prov­ince No 3, Har­i­har Sharma for Prov­ince No 4, Prakash Ghimire for Prov­ince No 5, Ish­war Ba­hadur Bista Prov­ince No 6 and Achyut Raj Kalauni Prov­ince No 7. Like­wise, Sad­hana Ghimire has been elected as the As­sis­tant-Gen­eral Sec­re­tary un­der the fe­male stu­dent cat­e­gory, Parameshower Shah un­der the Mad­heshi cat­e­gory, Dipesh Rai un­der indige­nous cat­e­gory and Lalit Su­nar un­der the Dalit cater­gory.

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