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We know that dur­ing ev­ery rainy sea­son, there are floods/ land­slides and we wit­ness ca­su­al­ties of the peo­ple. As ex­pected, this year also, we wit­nessed the deaths of hun­dreds of Nepali cit­i­zens in both the hill and Tarai ar­eas due to the land­slides and floods. When the lo­cal peo­ple in the Tarai dis­tricts were in­un­dated, the gov­ern­ment was en­gaged in other busi­ness. No res­cue works were car­ried out on time to save the lives of the in­un­dated peo­ple. Yes, there is the dis­as­ter man­age­ment of­fice in­side the Sing­hadur­war, but we were un­aware what this of­fice was do­ing when land­slides and floods hit the peo­ple killing them and dis­plac­ing them! Ev­ery time, the po­lit­i­cal lead­ers are found de­liv­er­ing speeches that the new con­sti­tu­tion has made the lo­cal peo­ple sov­er­eign and Sing­hadur­war, which was lo­cated in Kath­mandu only has reached ev­ery cit­i­zens' home. Is this true? Of course, not! Sure, the lead­ers of the ma­jor po­lit­i­cal par­ties who are en­joy­ing power turn by turn, have be­come sov­er­eign and in the name of the vil­lagers, the very po­lit­i­cal lead­ers are en­joy­ing the power of Sing­hadur­war! The other fact is that they have been able to reach Sing­hadur­war, not with the wishes of the peo­ple but by the bless­ings of Delhi. We have al­ready sur­ren­dered our dig­nity to the lead­ers in Delhi and they are de­cid­ing our lead­ers' fate. We wit­nessed the “old” but vi­brant Nepal un­til 1990 and we are wit­ness­ing the “new” but spoiled Nepal now, which is called “lok­tantra”. There was an old say­ing that for­est as Nepal's prop­erty but to­day we have al­ready de­stroyed our valu­able forests. The Chure Hills have been ex­ploited enough from which we are invit­ing nat­u­ral calami­ties in the Tarai dis­tricts. A group of po­lit­i­cal lead­ers are in ag­i­ta­tion in the name of em­pow­er­ment of the Tarai peo­ple. To­day, when the Tarai dis­tricts are in­un­dated, what are these Tarai lead­ers do­ing to res­cue the Tarai peo­ple, we don't know. Due to the ex­ploita­tion of the Chure Hills, due to the de­for­esta­tion in the Chure Hills, we have in­vited dis­as­ter in the Tarai dis­tricts. Also, due to the em­bank­ments con­structed by In­dia in the Nepal-In­dia in­ter­na­tional borders, the Tarai dis­tricts have been in­un­dated. The Tarai lead­ers have re­mained silent on these facts. As they are do­ing pol­i­tics in the in­ter­ests of their In­dian bosses, they are not re­spon­si­ble to­wards the Tarai peo­ple, but they are found re­spon­si­ble to­wards the In­dian lead­ers. The coun­try wit­nessed an eco­nomic block­ade in the name of em­pow­er­ing the Tarai peo­ple, but the real in­ten­tion of the In­dian block­ade was to em­power those mi­grated In­di­ans. Af­ter killing of dozens of in­no­cent peo­ple in the name of amend­ment of the con­sti­tu­tion, along with the ad­vice of Sushma Swaraj (who was in town and gave a group au­di­ence to the Tarai lead­ers, urg­ing them to take part in the lo­cal elec­tions), they be­came ready to take part in the up­com­ing lo­cal elec­tions in No 2 prov­ince. To con­clude, Nepal has be­come the venue of those traitors who are in power and we, the peo­ple, have be­come vic­tims of those traitors who are rul­ing us.

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