Left al­liance to dom­i­nate prov­ince and fed­eral par­lia­ment elec­tions

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The prov­ince and fed­eral par­lia­ment elec­tion to be held on 26 Novem­ber and 10 De­cem­ber is go­ing to elect 330 pro­vin­cial MPs and 165 fed­eral par­lia­ment MPs. In the first phase of elec­tion, 128 MPs will be elected for fed­eral par­lia­ment and 256 MPs will be elected for the pro­vin­cial par­lia­ment. Like­wise, the sec­ond phase of elec­tions will elect 37 MPs for fed­eral par­lia­ment and 74 MPs for pro­vin­cial par­lia­ment. In the re­cent lo­cal level elec­tions, UML had bagged 2 mil­lion 753 thou­sand 119 votes. Maoist Cen­ter had 940 thou­sand 199 votes. If added the votes bagged by UML and Maoist Cen­ter, to­gether, it be­comes 3 mil­lion 693 thou­sand 318 votes. In the same elec­tions, NC had bagged 2 mil­lion 658 thou­sand 387 votes. The votes of UML-MC al­liance are more than 1 mil­lion 34 thou­sand 931 votes than the to­tal votes bagged by NC. Un­der this anal­y­sis, UML lead­ers have cal­cu­lated that in the up­com­ing elec­tions the Left al­liance will bag 60 per­cent seats in both pro­vin­cial and fed­eral par­lia­ment elec­tions. If UML and Maoist will be able to se­cure the votes they had re­ceived in the lo­cal elec­tions, the Left al­liance is sure to bag sim­ple ma­jor­ity in the fed­eral par­lia­ment, how­ever, NC and its greater Demo­cratic al­liance has to at­tract fur­ther votes. Po­si­tion of the lead­ers: NC pres­i­dent Sher Ba­hadur Deuba is con­test­ing elec­tion from Dadeld­hura. Maoist leader Kha­garaj Bhatta has given can­di­da­ture from the Left al­liance. In the last CA elec­tions, UML had bagged 16915 votes, Maoist Cen­ter (MC) had bagged 10945 votes. RPP, part­ner of the Demo­cratic al­liance, had bagged only 268 votes. Dur­ing that time Deuba had re­ceived 19523 votes and was elected CA mem­ber. Af­ter the Left al­liance, Deuba is fac­ing in­se­cure in his own elec­toral con­stituency. Con­sid­er­ing the last lo­cal elec­tions re­sult, the Left al­liance had bagged 27860 votes whereas the demo­cratic al­liance's votes were 19791 in to­tal in Deuba's elec­toral con­stituency. Thus, the Left al­liance is ahead with 869 votes than demo­cratic al­liance in this con­stituency. KP Oli is con­test­ing elec­tions from No 5 con­stituency in Jhapa. Here also, the present Left al­liance had bagged more votes than the demo­cratic al­liance. In the last lo­cal level elec­tion, the Left al­liance had bagged 42143 votes whereas NC had bagged 23 thou­sand 25 votes and RPP had bagged 10225 votes. In this re­gard, Oli is a se­cure can­di­date in his con­stituency. Push­paka­mal Da­hal "Prachanda" is con­test­ing elec­tion from No 3 elec­toral con­stituency in Chit­wan. In this con­stituency, in the lo­cal level elec­tions, UML had bagged 27777 votes. Maoist had bagged 18138 votes whereas NC had bagged 26923 and RPP had bagged 8352 votes. From this con­stituency, RPP's Bikram Pande is the can­di­date from the demo­cratic al­liance. From No 2 con­stituency in Kath­mandu, Mad­hav Nepal has given can­di­da­ture. In the past, in one elec­tion, Nepal had won whereas in another elec­tion Maoist's Jh­haku Subedi had won. In the lo­cal elec­tions, UML had bagged 19196 votes whereas Maoist had bagged 5732 votes. NC had bagged 15527 votes. On the ba­sis of the lo­cal elec­tion's vot­ing pat­tern, in No 2 con­stituency also, Left al­liance is ahead. NC's se­nior leader Ram­chan­dra Poudel is con­test­ing elec­tions from Tanahun No 1 con­stituency. In the last lo­cal elec­tions, NC had bagged 28256 votes and its ally RPP had bagged 556 votes. On the other hand, UML had bagged 22118 votes and Maoist had bagged 7130 votes. In this con­stituency, to­tal 28812 votes the demo­cratic al­liance had se­cured whereas, Left al­liance had se­cured 29248 votes. NC's gen­eral sec­re­tary Shashank Koirala is con­test­ing elec­tions from

Na­bal­parashi No 2 con­stituency. In the lo­cal elec­tions, Left al­liance had re­ceived 34906 votes and Demo­cratic al­liance had re­ceived 35030 votes. UML's sec­re­tary Yo­gesh Bhat­tarai has given can­di­da­ture from Taple­jung. NC's Ke­shab Prasad Da­hal has given can­di­da­ture from this con­stituency. In the lo­cal elec­tion, the Left al­liance had bagged 25661 votes whereas the Demo­cratic al­liance had bagged 18427 votes. For­mer min­is­ter Bar­shaman Pun is con­test­ing elec­tions from Rolpa. In the lo­cal elec­tions, UML re­ceived 14588 votes and Maoist had re­ceived 33627 votes. Jan­mor­cha had re­ceived 9301 votes. Left al­liance had bagged to­tal 48854 votes whereas Demo­cratic al­liance had se­cured 23404 votes. In the lo­cal elec­tions UML had stood as the first party. It is be­cause of its pa­tri­otic stance. UML had won in 275 lo­cal bod­ies whereas NC had won 227 lo­cal bod­ies.

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