So here you are in the Nether­lands, your fam­ily’s first or fifth in­ter­na­tional as­sign­ment. You’ve or­gan­ised your house...well, more or less! The chil­dren are set­tled into their new in­ter­na­tional school. Your hair­dresser’s English is ex­cel­lent. Hello, good


Yes. Spring is in the air, and ev­ery­thing is in place. At least it would be if not for that feel­ing in the pit of your stom­ach. You know...that rest­less­ness. You’d never say you’re un­happy, and un­ful­filled would be too big a word. But that gnaw­ing feel­ing that some­thing’s miss­ing just won’t go away. You try to ig­nore it but a lit­tle voice tells you how un­grate­ful you are to feel ‘that’ way be­cause you’ve got it good; you’re living the life you’ve al­ways dreamed of. You shouldn’t com­plain. Yet the more you look at the abun­dance of things you should feel grate­ful for, the guiltier you feel about that nag­ging ques­tion: Is this it?

Head clut­ter

If you’re a part­ner who’s put your dreams on hold to ac­com­pany your spouse, then this sce­nario prob­a­bly sounds familiar. Wel­come to the club. Rest­less­ness, lack of ful­fil­ment, dis­con­nec­tion all make sense when we part­ners al­lo­cate all our re­sources to help­ing oth­ers reach their goals and live their dreams.

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