Mother Earth does not be­lieve in hoard­ing. What she does not use withers and falls to the ground.

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Hoard­ing old thoughts, be­liefs and val­ues that no longer serve us is bad news. The first step to­ward head space is to be­come aware of the qual­ity of our thoughts. Take ten min­utes out of the 1440 in a day and write down ev­ery thought that flashes through your head. Pay close at­ten­tion to how you feel in the pre­cise mo­ment that you think any thought. Even­tu­ally you’ll learn to let go of the ones that make you feel tense, anx­ious or oth­er­wise out of sorts. Com­post that en­ergy and watch your growth when you fo­cus at­ten­tion on your unique gifts. «

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