Huts­pot: Car­rot and Po­ta­to Mash

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Ser­ves 4

Pre­pa­ra­ti­on: ap­prox ½ hours, ste­wing: 2 hours

• 400 g / 14 oz mar­b­led brai­sing steak

• 75 g / 3 oz but­ter

• 4 oni­ons, peeled, 2 sli­ced and 2 fi­ne­ly chop­ped

• 2 bay lea­ves

• 1 teaspoon dill see­ds or

• 1 ta­bles­poon fresh dill

• salt and fresh­ly ground pep­per

• 750 g / 1 ½ lb flou­ry po­ta­toes, peeled and cut in­to pie­ces

• 750 g / 1 ½ lb car­rots, peeled and sli­ced


• Cut the meat in­to cu­bes. In a lar­ge cas­se­ro­le, heat the but­ter. On high heat, brown the meat on all si­des. Add the fi­ne­ly chop­ped oni­ons and con­ti­nue frying. Add a litt­le wa­ter, the bay lea­ves, dill, salt and pep­per and co­ver. Sim­mer for 2 hours un­til meat is ten­der.

• Cook the po­ta­toes, car­rots and sli­ced oni­ons in a litt­le sal­ted wa­ter for about 25 mi­nu­tes un­til ten­der.

• Drain the po­ta­toes and ve­ge­ta­bles and mash eve­ry­thing to a fi­ne pu­ree.

• Add the brai­sed meat and so­me of the brai­sing li­quid to the ve­ge­ta­bles and mix un­til a smooth thick ‘stamp­pot’. Sea­son to tas­te and ser­ve the remai­ning brai­sing li­quid se­pa­ra­te­ly. Dut­ch coo­king to­day, Kook ook, 8,99

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