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Once in a while at Ad­ven­ture Mag­a­zine we come across some­thing truly re­mark­able. We are of­ten be­ing asked ‘re­view this’ and ‘test that’. But it’s not of­ten you come across some­thing you are like ‘wow this is cool’. Su­gru is one of those wow prod­ucts; this ex­tra­or­di­nary new mouldable glue is de­signed for fix­ing, mak­ing and im­prov­ing your stuff. It sticks to al­most any­thing, moulds like play­dough, then cures overnight into a durable sil­i­cone rub­ber. Once it’s cured, Su­gru has some pretty amaz­ing prop­er­ties, mak­ing it per­fect for use ev­ery­where, from your home, on the moon, the great out­doors- ev­ery­where. Su­gru’s unique, patented for­mula has earned it dozens of awards and global sci­en­tific recog­ni­tion. It’s used by loads of clever peo­ple from en­gi­neers in in­ter­na­tional space pro­grammes to Hi­malayan ex­plor­ers. It was cre­ated by a young prod­uct de­signer on a mis­sion to em­power peo­ple who want to re­pair and en­hance their prod­ucts; Su­gru has now been adopted by peo­ple in over 170 coun­tries. It can be used to re­pair wa­ter­proof fab­rics, soften pressure points boots, fix splits in any­thing and even cre­ate cus­tom grips, hooks and at­tach­ments for any­thing. Su­gru is cold-proof, sweat-proof, weather-proof and heat-proof - an es­sen­tial bit of kit for any out­door ad­ven­ture. Find out more at Su­

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