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Dr Frances Pit­silis (pic­tured) is very ex­cited about her easy, com­fort­able, walk in–walk out Ti­tan tech­nol­ogy, which of­fers the prospect of more de­fined cheek bones and a sleeker jaw line with­out surgery.

“The de­struc­tion of col­la­gen causes skin ag­ing. Even surgery doesn’t im­prove skin qual­ity,” she says.

“Sun dam­age and the pas­sage of time weaken the skin and its abil­ity to hold its shape. As the sup­port net­work of col­la­gen fi­bres flat­tens and weak­ens, the over­ly­ing skin be­comes thin­ner, looser, and more sus­cep­ti­ble to grav­ity. Sound familiar?”

With Ti­tan, Dr Pit­silis and her nurses can smooth jowl­ing and crepe pa­per skin.

Most of her pa­tients are aged from their mid30s, right up to mid-80s, and are not in­ter­ested in surgery.

The ar­eas most treated are the lower two thirds of the face and up­per neck but Ti­tan can also be used to tighten skin over knees and but­tocks and to plump the skin of the ‘V neck’ area.

There are two mech­a­nisms at work with Ti­tan, both of which are ben­e­fi­cial.

First, Ti­tan con­tracts the col­la­gen within the skin, which will im­prove skin lax­ity.

Sec­ond, Ti­tan stim­u­lates the for­ma­tion of new col­la­gen. This not only en­hances the tight­en­ing ef­fect, but helps to bol­ster the skin against fu­ture ag­ing

Out of 10 points, surgery may achieve a ‘seven’ or ‘eight’ and creams a ‘one’. Ti­tan will achieve a ‘four’ or ‘five’. And, you are avoid­ing the time, ex­pense and risk in­volved in surgery – and surgery won’t im­prove skin qual­ity the way Ti­tan does.

Ti­tan pro­motes a more re­freshed look. There are no un­to­ward side ef­fects, and no off putting is­sues like pain or down time. Pa­tients can go straight back to nor­mal work or so­cial ac­tiv­i­ties im­me­di­ately.

Ti­tan car­ries with it a high sat­is­fac­tion rate, not just be­cause pa­tients get tan­gi­ble tight­en­ing, and im­prove­ment in skin qual­ity, but be­cause they know that they are do­ing what they can to ward off fur­ther ag­ing.

Dr Pit­silis en­cour­ages com­bi­na­tion treat­ments be­cause of the added ben­e­fit. Add in some of her other treat­ments to the higher skin lay­ers to im­prove dis­coloura­tion, pores and wrin­kles – the to­tal ef­fect is amaz­ing!

Dr Pit­silis also bal­ances lifestyle, diet, nu­tri­tion and hor­mones.

To con­tact Skin Fresh, phone 486 0030. Ad­dress: 2a Dod­son Ave, Mil­ford.

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