Let lo­cal Maori de­cide on name

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How come Michael Laws thinks he knows more about Maori lan­guage than the Maori peo­ple?

That’s what many of us are ask­ing af­ter his latest bout of ver­bal di­ar­rhoea when he said that no way would he al­low the word Wan­ganui to be changed back to its orig­i­nal and cor­rect spell­ing of Whanganui.

Laws will rally the troops on the beaches and make sure Maori don’t get their wish be­cause in his words: “Wan­ganui has al­ways been Wan­ganui and the ma­jor­ity of peo­ple in his city don’t want change.”

The ra­tio­nale is so stupid I’m tempted to ques­tion his san­ity, which is up for de­bate given his id­i­otic dance rou­tines on Danc­ing with the Stars, and par­tic­u­larly when you hear his racist talk­back rants.

Who could for­get him call­ing the King of Tonga a “fat brown slug”?

The re­al­ity is that Whanganui Maori want their lan­guage and his­tory re­spected.

Whanganui be­came Wan­ganui when a 19th cen­tury lo­cal news­pa­per mis­spelt it and didn’t bother to cor­rect it be­cause Maori lan­guage then wasn’t given any re­spect or pri­or­ity.

As far as the ma­jor­ity not be­ing in­ter­ested in sup­port­ing the Maori ar­gu­ment, do you think that might just be be­cause the ma­jor­ity, who are Pakeha, don’t know the his­tory and many of them don’t care?

Of course ma­jori­ties aren’t al­ways right ei­ther.

A lot of men didn’t want women to have the vote, gay peo­ple to have equal rights or black peo­ple to have equal sta­tus in South Africa.

If I was to ac­cept that ra­tio­nale, I’d hate to know what the ma­jor­ity think of this col­umn.

Not that I’m ask­ing for a vote on that and please no let­ters of com­plaint to the ed­i­tor.

The only com­plaints I want to see would be about that ma­niac mayor of Whanganui who thinks he knows more about the Maori lan­guage than lo­cal Maori.

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