Ques­tion marks still over Key

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The polls tell us that the Nats are likely to be our next gov­ern­ment.

Per­haps that will work out be­cause there’s a chance John Key and his mates will bring en­ergy and fresh ideas to the job – a few of which may be worth­while.

But if they take over, you’d want more re­as­sur­ance he has his head around Maori is­sues.

The Nats’ his­tory in deal­ing with Maori is dodgy.

I know they came up with the treaty set­tle­ments pro­gramme but a process that recog­nises less than 5 per­cent of what Maori owned is shame­ful, de­spite Doug Gra­ham walk­ing off with a knight­hood.

And un­for­tu­nately they have a ten­dency to over­play the race card.

That was the gist of the Don Brash Orewa speech that won him sup­port, even though it is ridicu­lous to look at our his­tory and con­clude Maori have been un­duly priv­i­leged.

He has come and gone and the Nats now have a leader who will hap­pily hongi Tame Iti, smile his way around Ratana Pa and ap­pear to be on a wave­length with the bros.

But this is the same guy who en­dorsed Dr Brash’s twisted take on race re­la­tions.

He’s on record say­ing he sup­ports what was said – but not the way he said it.

The prob­lem, John, wasn’t how Don said it, it was the ig­no­rant, prej­u­diced be­lief un­der­ly­ing the words – that Maori have it sweet, and that it’s time poor, un­der­priv­i­leged Pakeha were on par with them.

Maybe we should make al­lowances for Mr Key be­cause he’s new and still learn­ing.

But I re­main un­con­vinced.

I want him to dis­own what Dr Brash said and re­as­sure us Na­tional won’t re­vert to the anti-Maori views he es­poused.

Hav­ing a hongi with Tame Iti isn’t go­ing to be enough.

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