Fu­ture-proof your plumb­ing against leaks

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In the course of re­build­ing bath­rooms the skilled trades­men en­gaged by NZ Main­te­nance, “the Ren­o­va­tion Spe­cial­ists”, have found some rot­ten dis­as­ters be­neath floors and be­hind walls.

And while their in­sis­tence on do­ing a qual­ity job should en­sure it won’t hap­pen to you, they pre­fer to make dou­bly sure by pro­vid­ing an added safety mar­gin – free with ev­ery bath­room in­stal­la­tion.

It’s the revo­lu­tion­ary Aquatite Wet Wall Caddy, a moulded ABS plas­tic de­vice that en­com­passes the plumb­ing fit­tings in the walls to pro­tect the in­su­la­tion cav­ity from any po­ten­tial leaks.

Their prepa­ra­tion work and in­stal­la­tion is as good a guar­an­tee as you’ll get against leaky bath­rooms, but there are some po­ten­tial faults that no trades­man can fac­tor in – pipes knocked out of align­ment by move­ment in the house it­self; an in­cor­rectly sealed build­ing wrap; or hard­ware fail­ure of the plumb­ing fit­tings for ex­am­ple.

The Aquatite Cav­ity Cup cov­ers the plumb­ing fit­ting with a flange that fits over the wall sub­strate, seal­ing it from the fram­ing to pro­tect the wall cav­ity.

The wa­ter con­trol valve sits inside the de­vice and traps any po­ten­tial leaks. In the event of it fill­ing, it is dis­charged through the flange to exit out the front of the tiles.

This in­di­cates a leak and is your early warn­ing as well as a first line defence against wall cav­ity dam­age.

The Aquatite Wet Wall Cav­ity has a 15year war­ranty and is free with any bath­room in­stal­la­tion by NZ Main­te­nance. They are also a com­pany that’s very up­front and help­ful about costs.

If you’d like to find out how other cus­tomers have found them, the

Ren­o­va­tion spe­cial­ists: A NZ Main­te­nance ren­o­va­tion gives its own­ers peace of mind as well as be­ing a joy to use.

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