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I hope the early morn­ing lady out ex­er­cis­ing her boxer dog around my lo­cal streets reads this.

For the record, the fine for not hav­ing your nice dog on a lead or leash un­der the Dog Con­trol Act is $300.

To add fur­ther in­sult to in­jury, by say­ing that you worked for the coun­cil is, to put it mildly, an of­fence also, though not ex­actly pun­ish­able by law, as I fully be­lieve no self-re­spect­ing coun­cil staffer would know­ingly flout the law.

By hop­ing to ex­er­cise your dog in ei­ther the early hours of the day, or un­der the cover of dark­ness, you put me as a pedes­trian un­der the risk of an un­con­trolled nui­sance of your dog’s quite un­known in­ten­tions.

I no­ticed that you did not cor­rectly call your dog to heel be­fore both of you crossed that busy sub­ur­ban street, right in front of my ex­cel­lent pair of eyes.

Let it be a les­son to you, and to other of­fend­ers, that the whole rea­son there was a city­wide law change was be­cause of an ex­tremely un­pro­voked, un­wel­come dog at­tack­ing a de­fence­less young child, now some years on.

This per­son now bears scars on her face as a re­sult of that sud­den at­tack.

If you have any con­science at all, the lead would be put on your nice dog be­fore you leave your prop­erty.

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