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Rail Link built it will help im­mensely. Our whole pub­lic trans­port sys­tem needs to be re­worked to make it all sync up.’’

Mr Bai­ley has been liv­ing over­seas and says Auck­land is lag­ging be­hind.

‘‘Around the world a sub­way sys­tem is es­sen­tial to mak­ing a city work. If we want to move for­ward I think we need to im­prove things to get peo­ple into the city. I love liv­ing in Piha but travel can be a bit dif­fi­cult. I would love to live in the city but it’s just too ex­pen­sive.’’

Com­muters wait­ing for Western Line trains at Kings­land on Fri­day re­ported a range of is­sues with the ser­vice, but over­all found catch­ing the train into the city the best trans­port op­tion.

Kings­land res­i­dent Amee All­away catches the train ev­ery day, usu­ally aim­ing to be aboard at 7.27am.

‘‘I used to catch the bus but my work changed lo­ca­tion so I have been catch­ing the train for about two months,’’ she says. ‘‘It’s a lot more con­ve­nient than the bus which is a night­mare.’’

She says the train is reg­u­larly de­layed but only for a few min­utes.

‘‘I think what’s hap­pen­ing is Newmarket is the hub and we have to stay there and wait. If the train didn’t have to go through Newmarket that de­lay wouldn’t hap­pen.’’

San­dring­ham man Jorn Liesk­ounig, an­other daily user, says his main com­plaint is not with the trains, but the method of pay­ment.

‘‘Gen­er­ally it’s pretty good. The ear­lier trains are a bit crowded when there are less car­riages but over­all it’s not too bad. We’ve been caught out a cou­ple of times with late trains but it’s only by a few min­utes.’’

The one com­plaint he does have is with the tag­ging sys­tem, which on oc­ca­sion has not al­lowed him to ‘‘tag off’’, re­sult­ing in be­ing charged as though he had rid­den the train to Waitakare. He is still wait­ing for a re­fund.

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