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B-boy­ing or break­ing is a style of ur­ban street dance which orig­i­nated in New York City in the early 1970s. A prac­ti­tioner, called a b-boy, b-girl or breaker, per­forms skilled moves typ­i­cally to hip-hop mu­sic. They can com­pete in in­di­vid­ual, two-on-two or crew bat­tles against op­pos­ing b-boys and b-girls by per­form­ing moves head-to-head on the floor in front of a panel of judges. Breaker purists re­ject the term ‘‘break­danc­ing’’ claim­ing it was in­vented by the me­dia. There are four main el­e­ments:

Toprock – strings of steps per­formed from a stand­ing po­si­tion

Down­rock, or foot­work, floor work – any move­ment on the floor with the dancer sup­port­ing them­selves as much with their hands as their feet

Power moves – ac­ro­batic moves re­quir­ing mo­men­tum, strength and con­trol

Freezes – poses re­quir­ing break­ers to sus­pend them­selves off the ground us­ing up­per body strength.

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