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Tiny Tim at Christ­mas?

Hum­bug all the way. De­cem­ber 25 is also my birth­day, so I’ve led a life of be­ing ripped off with Christ­mas presents. ‘‘This present is for your Christ­mas AND birth­day’’ and all that rot. Hum­bug.

5. Who played favourite Scrooge?

It’s gotta be Bill [Mur­ray in Scrooged]. I do a pod­cast on iTunes called Far­rier’s Phone where the en­tire rea­son be­hind it is to have a con­ver­sa­tion with Bill Mur­ray. One day.

6. What would the ghosts of Christ­mas Past, Present and Fu­ture show you?

I don’t even know where to start. I’ve al­ways wanted to see a ghost. I’m quite into the para­nor­mal but have never had any first­hand ex­pe­ri­ence. The past ghost would show a kid an­noyed he wasn’t get­ting two presents. Present would be me sit­ting here talk­ing to

your you. The fu­ture, well hope­fully one sur­rounded by beau­ti­ful kit­tens and a shirt­less Jeff Gold­blum.

7. How are you at giv­ing presents? Any last minute Christ­mas shop­ping dis­as­ters?

I al­ways do my shop­ping on Christ­mas Eve at St Lukes. It’s a mad­house – it’s like go­ing on a theme-park ride.

8. What would you buy John Camp­bell for Christ­mas? I’d bake him a pavlova. 9. Strangest gift you have ever re­ceived at Christ­mas?

Some­one once gave me a paint­ing of my­self. It wasn’t a joke and it was aw­ful.

10. What’s your Christ­mas?

It’s Piha with my friends.


Bah hum­bug: TV3 jour­nal­ist David Far­rier will be play­ing his col­league John Camp­bell in A Base­ment Christ­mas Carol.

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