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Norovirus is a com­mon cause of gas­troen­teri­tis or ‘‘the 24 hour sum­mer tummy upset’’.

It is eas­ily spread when peo­ple eat food or drink flu­ids con­tam­i­nated with the virus.

Strict hand hy­giene is im­por­tant. Clean hands prop­erly – 20 sec­onds to wash and 20 sec­onds to dry af­ter go­ing to the toi­let, be­fore han­dling food and af­ter touch­ing any­thing that may be con­tam­i­nated with norovirus.

Cook food thor­oughly – the virus dies when food is steam­ing hot.

Source your shell­fish from a rep­utable sup­plier. Hu­man sewage and sewage pol­luted wa­ter can con­tam­i­nate shell­fish beds.

Avoid con­tact with in­fants, the el­derly or those with long term ill­ness un­til you are free of all norovirus symp­toms.

Don’t han­dle food un­til you are free of all symp­toms for at least 24 hours.

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