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ob­struct­ing the line of sight of drive­ways and in­ter­sec­tions. On many in­ter­sec­tions it is im­pos­si­ble to see on­com­ing traf­fic be­fore ad­vanc­ing into it!

The city does not re­quire users of free park­ing spaces to give any thought to the dan­gers they cause or costs they in­cur. En­cour­ag­ing park­ing in the in­ner city by pro­vid­ing it at less than real mar­ket rates cre­ates huge in­ef­fi­cien­cies: Com­mut­ing ve­hi­cles gen­er­ally trans­port sin­gle per­sons, fill the roads at com­mut­ing hours, emit waste­ful pol­lu­tants and clog lo­cal com­mu­ni­ties dur­ing the day.

The city then holds public trans­port to ran­som by con­stantly in­creas­ing fares to cover costs that are a con­se­quence of its free park­ing: buses can­not run to timetable as streets are full of cars ob­struct­ing their flow, and so can­not at­tract rid­ers, re­quir­ing yet more fare-raises.

Public trans­port must be made cheap enough to be at­trac­tive. It should be sub­sidised by charg­ing real mar­ket rates for com­muter ve­hi­cle park­ing.

There should be re­stric­tions on SUVs park­ing in in­ner-city ar­eas, and on the dis­tance they can park from in­ter­sec­tions and drive­ways.

Soho Square could pro­vide a park-and-ride for com­muters, with fre­quent af­ford­able public trans­port ser­vic­ing the area (buses at 10-minute in­ter­vals is not fre­quent enough in rush­hour). Auck­land could take a leaf out of Welling­ton’s book and ini­ti­ate neigh­bour­hood coupon park­ing to dis­cour­age com­muters from of­fload­ing in the in­ner-city.

Once the roads are clear of all this park­ing, we will fi­nally be able to see the chil­dren.

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